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MemoStick – a high note for response rates and revenue

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MemoStick – a high note for response rates and revenue

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Innovative advertising format

15.03.11 - MemoStick is taking over the front page of newspapers – and thus the most attractive advertising space that the medium of print has to offer. A current campaign by the St. Pauli football club shows the potential impact of MemoStick, and how that can translate into real business success.

MemoStick is the ideal solution for increasing the efficiency of printed advertising and allows publishers to access new sources of revenue. With MemoStick, WRH Marketing has established a one-of-a-kind advertising format for the front page of newspapers. For the advertiser, MemoStick is exclusive – there is never more than one MemoStick for each newspaper copy. It stands out from the carrier medium and can be peeled off the newspaper or magazine without trace or damage – and then stuck on the fridge or calendar to considerably extend the advertising effect.

Simple handling, without the nuisance of cutting the coupon out, is a further reason for readers to cash in their MemoSticks. These are all positive aspects that explain the relatively high price that advertisers are prepared to pay for such an innovative advertising space. For a MemoStick campaign, an advertising value of Euro 100 to 130 per thousand – sometimes even more – including the cost of materials, is totally realistic. And the most important aspect from the publishers’ point of view: MemoStick does not cannibalize other forms of advertising.

Sensational result for St. Pauli football club
UFA Sports GmbH is responsible for managing all the Hamburg St. Pauli Football Club’s marketing and hospitality rights. Quite deliberately, to sell the club’s hospitality offering, the company looks for ways to go beyond the bounds of conventional advertising. And with MemoStick, they have struck it rich. According to Thomas Wegmann, UFA Sports were struck mainly by the medium’s distinctiveness, and also its high credibility and diverse design options. “MemoStick is an absolute eye-catcher. I am certain that the immediate effect is for each recipient to see the MemoStick message as personal and thus experience the advertising medium with greater awareness and emotion“, is how Thomas Wegmann sees it.

The St. Pauli Football Club placed 26,000 MemoSticks on a part edition of the Hamburger Abendblatt. All that appeared on the MemoStick was “Well give you the Bavarian game for free”, plus a link to a page on the club’s website. Within the space of a week, 2200 “Unique Visitors“ had registered, and the club was able to sell 30 second-half-of-season tickets valued at Euro 1,500 each. Considering that only Euro 3,000.00 was spent on the media campaign as a whole, that’s a sensational result.

Complete service from a one-stop shop
WRH Marketing AG with its global presence sees itself as a partner in all aspects of MemoStick and has developed a full service package that makes the launch of a campaign as easy as possible for all involved. As a solutions provider, WRH Marketing will naturally also supply the necessary technology to integrate MemoStick application into the mailroom lines without compromising existing logistics. In practice it has been shown that, depending on the number of campaigns, the technology will pay for itself in around 12-18 months.


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