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For a good climate: manroland and ClimatePartner cooperate

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For a good climate: manroland and ClimatePartner cooperate

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Customers benefit from individualized CO2 calculator

24.03.11 - A good business climate with customers was always of paramount importance for manroland. Since January this can also be understood literally: through a cooperation with ClimatePartner, consultants for climate protection and sustainability issues mainly focused on the printing industry, manroland now offers its customers individualized CO2 calculators.

This is one of many services offered by manroland to help printing companies produce in a sustained climate-neutral manner. Precise calculation of CO2 emissions, the CO2 footprint, provides them with valuable information for process optimization. They can then position themselves with climate-conscious print buyers as ecologically committed based on facts. In addition, printers can purchase emission certificates to participate in climate protection projects and thus neutralize the CO2 emissions of their production.

Older than the Green party: environment protection at manroland
As far back as 1975, manroland established a department for environment protection and since 1982 environment protection is an integral part of all planning processes. The manroland production plants are as environment compatible as possible concerning energy and materials consumption, machining processes and volume of waste. The printing systems themselves are also designed for ecofriendly production, right in line with the motto Economy through Ecology. Resource conservation and lower costs are achieved through IPA-free or IPA-reduced printing, low paper waste levels, individually coordinated consumable materials, and heat recovery. In its commitment to the environment, manroland relies on both its own initiatives and cooperation in order to offer customers the most sound and comprehensive know-how possible. The cooperation with ClimatePartner includes training by manroland staff and support for sales and marketing. Besides ClimatePartner, manroland is engaged in other cooperations such as the Climate Initiative of bvdm (German Printing and Media Industries Federation). manroland has also developed its own device, the Ecometer. It calculates the required energy and resources based on customer-specific information such as machine type, production volume, paper consumption, etc., and offers specific suggestions for sustainably improving printing processes.  



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