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1. Do a “Liberty. Picture it!” mobile phone photojournalism contest or project.

We are providing material and advice about how to do a contest or workshop that focuses on photojournalism, especially using a mobile phone. Our World Young Reader Network will guide the effort .  Details here.  Join the network here.  

2. Print some exercises for teachers.

 We have several stand-alone exercises that can help teach the young about the importance and fragility of press freedom, even within one class period. These can be handouts you give out during a class visit or treated as advertisements within your paper. You can choose from a full-page set of multiple exercises or separate sheets encouraging students to design a front page, plan a campaign or explore the notion of press freedom in film. ENGLISH FRANÇAIS ESPAÑOL 

3. Do a design-an-advertisement contest or project.

You can download our brief for students to make a public service advertisement for press freedom day, plus background about how to make an advertisement and, especially, a public service advertisement. Details here

4. Do a regional or national “School Newspaper Prize for Press Freedom” contest.

 Honor a student team and adviser make the best use of the WAN-IFRA 3 May Press Freedom Day materials in a school newspaper to effectively teach fellow students about the importance and fragility of press freedom. Details here

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Journalists continue to find themselves in frequent peril for simply doing their jobs as they strive to report the truth in the passionate belief that reporting what they see is the foundation of a healthy democracy. 3 May is World Press Freedom Day. Read more ...