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Thu - 24.04.2014

Events Team

Events Team


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  • Ulrike Cremer
  • Bettina Werner


  • Bettina Werner

    Manager WAN-IFRA Academy, Publishing, Editorial and General Management | WAN-IFRA | Darmstadt, Germany

    Short Bio

    She is Manager of WAN-IFRA Academy in Darmstadt, specialising in Publishing, Editorial and General Management training programmes. Bettina joined the Training Centre in 1998 where the activities focus mainly on training sessions on Colour Management and “Image optimisation with Adobe Photoshop”. In this area she supports for various consultancy and standardisation projects in German and international newspaper companies.

  • Gilles Demptos

    Director, Asia | WAN-IFRA | Singapore, Singapore

    Short Bio

    Gilles Demptos is in charge of building WAN-IFRA's event programmes in the Asia Pacific region and of developing new projects for servicing the Asian news publishing industry. He has been with IFRA since 2002.

  • Heide Orlich

    Director Event Management | WAN-IFRA | Darmstadt, Germany

    Short Bio

    Heide Orlich is head of Europe events and in charge of the worldwide coordination of WAN-IFRA events.

  • Ilona Gümperlein

    Events Manager | WAN-IFRA | Darmstadt, Germany

    Short Bio

    Ilona Gümperlein is your contact for organisational and logistical questions as well as registration to WAN-IFRA Events. She always finds an answer to any query.

  • Raquel Meikle

    Programme Manager Events | WAN-IFRA | Darmstadt, Germany

    Short Bio

    As programme manager for the Competence Center Publishing, Editorial and General Management, she organises numerous events, as well as coordinating the fomer XMA Cross Media Awards competition and the European Digital Media Awards.

  • Sergio de Oliveira

    Project Manager Events | WAN-IFRA | Darmstadt, Germany

    Short Bio

    ENGLISH > Organiser of the conference and Study Tour programmes related to newspaper production, discussing printing, distribution and material issues. Always open for suggestion on topics and case studies. DEUTSCH > Sergio de Oliveira organisiert die Konferenz- und Study Tour-Programme zum Themenbereich Zeitungsproduktion mit den Schwerpunkten Druck, Versand und Verbrauchsmaterialien. Für Themenvorschläge und Hinweise auf erfolgreiche Anwendungsbeispiele aus der Praxis ist er jederzeit offen.

  • Ulrike Cremer

    Manager WAN-IFRA Academy | WAN-IFRA | Darmstadt, Germany

    Short Bio

    > ENGLISH: Ulrike Cremer is specialising in Newspaper Production training programmes. She is an Expert in colour management and digital proofing solutions and gives support for various consulting and standardisation projects.
    > DEUTSCH: Ulrike Cremer entwirft Trainingsprogramme mit Fokus auf die Zeitungsproduktion. Sie ist Expertin im Bereich Colormanagement und unterstützt zu diesem Thema verschiedenste Beratungs- und Standardisierungsprojekte. Ulrike Cremer

  • Virginia Melero

    Project Manager | WAN-IFRA | Darmstadt, Germany

    Short Bio

    Virginia Melero is your contact for organisational and logistical questions to WAN-IFRA Events.

  • Valérie Arnould

    Business editor | WAN-IFRA CH | Darmstadt, Germany

    Short Bio

    Valerie has worked for most media magazines in France covering broadcasting, print publishing, IT and online. She joined IFRA in 1997 as chief editor for the French magazine and later became deputy chief editor for all editions. She has also contributed to WAN-IFRA’s research reports on topics like digital media, newsroom management and free newspapers.

  • Magdoom Mohamed

    Managing Director WAN-IFRA South Asia | WAN-IFRA South Asia Pvt Ltd | Chennai, India

    Short Bio

    Magdoom Mohamed, a news publishing industry professional with more than 15 years of experience, has been with WAN-IFRA since 2001. He leads WAN-IFRA's activities in the South Asian region.

  • Cherilyn Ireton

    Executive Director, World Editors Forum | WAN-IFRA | Paris, France

    Short Bio

    She is responsible for coordinating all activities associated with the World Editors Forum, the only association exclusively dedicated to senior newsroom editors from across the globe.

  • Mechthild Schimpf

    Director Middle East | WAN-IFRA | Darmstadt, Germany

    Short Bio

    She is responsible for all activities in the Middle East countries, working closely with WAN-IFRA's members in the region. She is in charge of organising regional events and activities in the Middle East region.

"Any investment in knowledge always pays the best interest," said Benjamin Franklin. With this as the motto and to encourage training of human resource in newspaper publishing houses, WAN-IFRA carefully plans events in critical areas of newspaper operations. Topics cover everything from newspaper production to new media management. Read more ...

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