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Mon - 21.04.2014

Editorial Team

Editorial Team

  • Dean Roper

    Director of Publications / Editor-in-Chief | WAN-IFRA | Darmstadt, Germany

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    As Director of Publications and Editor-in-Chief of WAN-IFRA, he is responsible for coordinating all activities related to the organisation's array of publications, including WAN-IFRA's SFN Research Reports.

  • Charlotte Janischewski

    Senior Editor Newspaper Production | WAN-IFRA | Darmstadt, Germany

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    Within the WAN-IFRA editorial team, Charlotte Janischewski specialises in reporting on topics in the field of newspaper production. This incorporates all topics related to this Competence Centre, from prepress and CTP to printing and postpress. The focus of her work is print and online coverage for WAN-IFRA Magazine. Charlotte Janischewski hat sich innerhalb des WAN-IFRA-Redaktionsteams auf die Berichterstattung im Bereich der Zeitungsproduktion spezialisiert. Eingeschlossen sind alle in dieses Ressort fallenden Themen, von der Vorstufe über CTP und Druckproduktion bis hin zur Weiterverarbeitung. Im Zentrum ihrer redaktionellen Tätigkeit steht das WAN-IFRA Magazine (Print und Online).

  • Brian Veseling

    Senior Editor | WAN-IFRA | Darmstadt, Germany

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    He specialises in reporting about editorial, advertising and general management topics for the WAN-IFRA Magazine, as well as contributing content to the Competence Centre Publishing, Editorial and General Management.

  • Michael Spinner-Just

    Media Relations Manager Supplier Services | WAN-IFRA | Darmstadt, Germany

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    He works closely with the supplier community, particularly with WAN-IFRA's Media Partners, as well as processing developing the Industry Updates section of the website and WAN-IFRA Magazine, and writing press releases.

  • Gordon Steiger

    Art Director, WAN-IFRA Publications | WAN-IFRA | Darmstadt, Germany

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    Responsible for all design, layout and infographic issues associated with WAN-IFRA publications and the corporate website.

  • Anton Jolkovski

    Digital Publishing Manager | WAN-IFRA | Darmstadt, Germany

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    Responsible for ePaper edition of WAN-IFRA Magazine, and all other ePaper publications within WAN-IFRA. He is also in charge of the daily Executive News Service that is distributed to some 5000 newspaper executive subscribers throughout the world.