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DagsVara 2014


DagsVara 2014


List of Exhibitors

  • Cint is a global technology provider creating easy-as-pie solutions for the Publishing industry to help engage and monetize audiences. Cint Engage, our panel management solution, allows publishers to create, build, analyze and monetize their audience.

    With Cint Engage you can get enriched data on your audience for campaign reporting content and ad targeting. Run content testing, subscription plans, campaign measurement and have a dialog with your readership.You can combine your panel with other types of research and 3rd party data sources.

    With Cints business model we can offer this solution at no cost.

  • Cxense (pronounced see-sense) provides publishers with “extraordinary insight” into their online audience. Using advanced, real-time big data technology, Cxense enables publishers to act upon audience insight in real-time through targeted advertising, content and search solutions.  

    Using Cxense technology, publishers can create tailored experiences for their readers. These experiences make online visitors stay longer on sites, click on more ads, buy recommended products and sign up for subscriptions. All of our solutions help publishers boost ad-revenue and grow their audience.

  • Enreach

    Enreach is the solution provider for the data-driven publisher. Enreach technology transforms publishers into audience data refineries, and makes the refined data assets actionable. Key application areas are in display advertising, with audience targeting and reporting analytics, and editorial optimization. Enreach is trusted by many of the world's most innovative publishers to earn premium revenues from deep audience understanding and high quality content.

  • IcemanMedia AB

    Iceman Media is all about making news organisations better. Our clients are some of the most advanced, integrated, multichannel media operations in the world and we want to spread that success.

  • Infomaker AB Logo

    Infomaker is one of Scandinavia´s leading partners for newsprint and media companies. We develop and supply software, consulting services and training for our clients in the daily press and media.
    Among Our customers are 115 of the Scandinavia region's newspapers. Software as  Newspilot,  Everyware, Open Content, Adpilot, AutoPrint and Proof, 50 experienced employees and a large network of partners are available to support and grow your business.
    We develop all of the software with our own developers to have full control for the future. Infomaker is on hand to discuss options within the ad and editorial, the paper and digital publishing.

  • PressReader is the global leader in multi-channel, cross-platform content distribution and monetization and the chosen partner of more than 3,500 publishers from over 100 countries. PressReader provides consumers and businesses access to thousands of local, national and international full-content newspapers and magazines online, in print and on mobile devices running iOS, Android, Windows 8 and BlackBerry 10 operating systems. It offers the world’s most engaging reading experience to millions of readers and can be found in leading libraries, hotels, airlines, corporate offices, and cruise ships around the globe.
    As a fully-customizable digital publishing platform, PressReader helps publishers of all sizes and media types expand their platform support, grow global circulation and revenues, and increase brand awareness and exposure of their publications in new international markets.

  • red.web

    Innovative product technology and the highest degree of operating comfort: that is what the red.web publishing system stands for. From every corner of this earth on which an internet access is available, the application user can obtain access to the flexible system world and its complete functionality. Thanks to red.web, journalists are independent in terms of location and always at the heart of what is happening: editorial content is processed in a media-neutral way and is more up-to-the-minute than ever, published in a cross-media and media-specific way – publications are only a mouse-click away.

  • Redpill Linpro is the leading provider of Professional Open Source
    services and products in the Nordic region and our staff includes some of the market's leading experts in their fields.
    We provide consulting, development services, training, support,
    application management and IT operations for products ranging from
    infrastructure, databases, middleware and enterprise applications.
    Together with our daughter company Varnish Software, we help many of the
    world’s most influential websites deliver the best possible user
    experience on the web with Varnish Plus. Varnish Plus lets you rest
    assured that your online business is always running at optimal speed and
    scalability, while requiring minimal resources from your backend as well
    as your staff.

  • Visiolink ApS

    With over 700 newspaper titles, Visiolink is a market leader in digital newspaper solutions for European media houses. This position has been achieved based on more than 10 years' publishing experience. Visiolink thinks like a media house, even though the service provided is software. This means that Visiolink is constantly committed to generating new readership and users for the media houses. Visiolink is a leader in software for e-publishing for web browsers, smartphones and tablets.

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