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WAN-IFRA Reports

WAN-IFRA Reports

WAN-IFRA Reports published regularly

One of WAN-IFRA’s most important activities is research in all areas of newspaper production, editorial, digital media development, media business, advertising, organisation and strategy. 

WAN-IFRA, in close cooperation with WAN-IFRA’s various regional and technical committees, leading universities and institutes, and its vast network of industry experts, identifies multiple topics of import to publishers’ operational and strategic opportunities, and ultimately develops and publishes in-depth reports.

We offer exclusive sponsorship opportunities for each report, a great opportunity for your company to extend your brand to such a niche, comprehensive platform.

Sponsorship costs €6000 (member rate; non-members pay 25% more). In return, you get:

  • A full-page ad in the report
  • Company logo in the imprint of the report accompanied by "Supported by..."
  • Branding in potential webinar that will take place after the report.
  • Company logo in the download area of the report
  • Mention in all communications to our members about the report.
  • Branding in our daily newsletter (9000 subscribers) upon publication of report.
  • 50 PDF copies of the report.

Each report includes step-by-step strategies, best-practice, case studies, and analysis of trends and developments on one particular topic – all in a context that is relevant to newspaper executives worldwide.

All WAN-IFRA members have free access to download reports, which are intensively promoted through our numerous communication channels. Non-members can purchase and download reports. And hundreds of the reports are printed to be distributed at WAN-IFRA events.

If you are interested in sponsorship, please email:


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