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‘Editorial Leaders’ programme launched in India

‘Editorial Leaders’ programme launched in India


The World Editors Forum, the editors’ network within the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA), has launched a new ‘Editorial Leaders’ programme in India to help develop the skills and leadership ability of young editors.

The programme, the first of its kind, encompasses six modules over six months, starting today (10 April) in Delhi, India’s capital city. The programme will take the participants through a series of topics to help them enhance their professional expertise and develop them into future-ready editorial leaders.

The programme fuses the print and digital skills needed to address the changing media environment. The modules, which will run for two days each, are:

-       Creating engaging stories, 10-11 April 2015

-       Writing for the web, 14-15 May 2015

-       Data Journalism, 11-12 June 2015

-       Long form writing, 9-10 July 2015

-       Harnessing social media, 12-13 August 2015

-       Leading the newsroom, 1-2 September 2015

Six news publishers have joined the programme - The Times of India, Malayala Manorama, Dainik Bhaskar, Prajavani, Mathrubhumi and Sakaal.

The first module, ‘Creating engaging stories’ will be led by Jonathan Halls, Principal of US-based Jonathan Halls & Associates, and former training director of the BBC. More details of the programme are available here.

“The programme offers a fantastic platform for young editors to share their experience and collectively learn from one another," said Cherilyn Ireton, Executive Director of the World Editors Forum. "We are thrilled to be launching this programme in India, a growth market for both newspapers and digital media. We hope the programme will help develop tomorrow’s newsroom leaders and create a talent pool for the news publishers”.

Magdoom Mohamed, Managing Director of WAN-IFRA South Asia, said: “the programme is the result of more than six months of discussions with many editors and closely researching the needs of news publishers in the region. While print is growing, there is steady growth of digital news consumption. We hope this progrmame will bridge the skill gap of editors and prepare them to lead the newsroom in an efficient way”.  

WAN-IFRA, based in Paris, France, and Frankfurt, Germany, with subsidiaries in Singapore and India, is the global organisation of the world’s newspapers and news publishers. It represents more than 18,000 publications, 15,000 online sites and over 3,000 companies in more than 120 countries. Its core mission is to defend and promote press freedom, quality journalism and editorial integrity and the development of prosperous businesses.

For enquiries, please write to: Selva Prabu, Asst. Manager - Training Services, WAN-IFRA South Asia,, Tel.: +91.44.42

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