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  • Print Innovation Awards 2018
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  • The World Printers Forum Board consists of 18 members, half of them representing publishing and printing companies, the other half representing materials and equipment suppliers. New Board members have been added early 2018. The recent meeting of the new Board was on 27 March 2018 at UPM in Helsinki, Finland, on kind invitation of Anu Ahola, Senior Vice President, News & Retail, UPM Communication Papers.
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  • WAN-IFRA publishes summary reports of important conferences. The reports summarise the content of presentations and panel discussions for attendees and those who were not able to attend. They also provide short biographies and photos of moderators and speakers. Please download the reports with the links at the end of the full article, share them with your colleagues and give us your feedback. We invite you to suggest interesting case studies and speakers for future conferences.
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World Printers Forum

The World Printers Forum (WPF) is an organisation of newspaper printers and suppliers within WAN-IFRA. Its objective is to encourage innovation and productivity as well as product development that can be instrumental for publishers to exploit future oriented news media products. It promotes the power of print and the sustainability of print production.

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  • 2015-02-23 12:04
    (UPM, Augsburg, 23 February 2015, 10:00 CET) - UPM has launched a new, comprehensive paper range for digital printing. Covering the widest possible range of digital end-user applications, UPM Digi papers come in a variety of tailored categories designed to fit a specific purpose and press. Enabling users to take full advantage of the possibilities of digital printing, UPM Digi papers are available in both wood-free uncoated (WFU) and wood-free coated (WFC) options, and in a wide spectrum of basis weights ranging from 80 to 350 g/m². Read more ...
  • 2015-02-18 16:44
    The Swiss daily Walliser Bote (Messenger of Wallis) is the oldest newspaper in the Canton of Wallis. Founded in 1840, it is published in broadsheet format (320 x 470 mm) six days a week and has a circulation of approximately 22,000 copies. It is currently in the process of becoming the first European daily to switch completely from offset to digital inkjet printing. Read more ...
  • 2015-02-18 16:08
    18.02.2015 - The Cuban printer Empresa de Artes Gráficas Federico Engels is one of the largest printing houses in Cuba. Based in the capital Havana, the company produces several tabloid products and, what is the main business, books. With this investment an extension of the production capacity was intended. Therefore the printer decided to invest in a new Uniset press from manroland web systems. Read more ...
  • 2015-02-18 13:31
    17.02.2015 - In autumn 2014 French media group Sipa - Ouest-France flipped the switch on a Commander CL 4/1 from Koenig & Bauer (KBA) at the company’s headquarters in Rennes. The flexibly automatable four-high press installed at France’s largest newspaper group admirably took over the printing of numerous part editions. As the new press surpassed all expectations regarding economy and print quality, the media house recently placed an order for a second, almost identical Commander CL 4/1 which is to be installed in spring 2016. The group’s brave investment in print was rewarded in November with the “Les Trophées de l’Innovation Presse” prize in the category “Best print innovation 2014” much sought-after by French newspaper houses. Read more ...
  • 2015-02-17 11:04
    Hamburg, February 16, 2015 - In which edition of the daily newspaper has my customer's advertisement been placed? Which page is it on and is there any additional ad space available? In the future, the Süddeutsche Zeitung will have all this information and more at their fingertips because as of now they are running ppi Media's AdX Print App, which enables them to use their iPads to quickly overview their current bookings. Read more ...
  • 2015-02-13 12:20
    12.02.2015 - “Who invented it?” – a well-known slogan and a question the Swiss like to ask. At this world premiere in newspaper production, the answer is: the Swiss and manroland web systems. Mengis Druck AG in Visp, Switzerland, is the first newspaper publisher to rely on fully digital production of its daily. Read more ...
  • 2015-02-12 11:04
    Barcelona, Spain, 05 February 2015 – HP announced new High Definition Nozzle Architecture technology for HP Inkjet Web Presses, providing print service providers breakthrough print quality, versatility, reliability and productivity. Read more ...
  • Martin Seematter, Leiter Mengis Druck
    2015-02-11 11:27
    Interview mit Martin Seematter, dem Leiter der Mengis Druck AG, in Visp, im Schweizer Kanton Wallis, Dienstag, 10. Februar 2015. Verlag und Druckerei “Mengis Druck AG” aus Visp im Schweizer Kanton Wallis geben den Walliser Boten heraus. Das Unternehmen plant nun, die alternde Zeitungsdruckmaschine, eine Wifag OF7, die schon seit 32 Jahren ihren Dienst tut, durch eine Inkjet-Digitaldruckmaschine zu ersetzen. Hauptsächlich wirtschaftliche Gründe haben zu dieser Entscheidung geführt, wie Martin Seematter, Leiter Mengis Druck, in einem Gespräch mit WAN-IFRA erläutert. Read more ...
  • Drupa organised by Messe Düsseldorf
    2015-02-11 09:21
    On 10 February 2015 Messe Düsseldorf announced that its Drupa print fair will change from a 4 year cycle to a 3 year cycle. The precise dates haven’t yet been finalised, but it is clear that Drupa will take place in the traditional Drupa month of May in 2019, 2022 and 2025 in Düsseldorf. Read more ...
  • 2015-02-09 12:12
    Siegburg, 9. Februar 2015 – Das Verhältnis zwischen US-Dollar und Euro belastet zunehmend die Rohstoffbeschaffung der Druckfarbenindustrie. Die weltweiten Hauptlieferanten, etwa in China und Indien, fakturieren in US-Dollar, während der Euro weiter an Wert verliert. „Dies ist eine besorgniserregende Entwicklung, die großen Kostendruck erzeugt“, sagt Siegwerk-CEO Herbert Forker. Read more ...

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  • Since 2005, WAN-IFRA has certified several newspaper printing plants based on ISO 12647-3. Use the certification to improve production workflows, quality level, staff know-how, and market position.
  • International Color Quality Club
    The International Color Quality Club is the only worldwide printing quality competition for newspapers and magazines. Its goal is to improve the quality of reproduction and printing in production, while also increasing competitiveness as well as training and motivating all personnel.
  • WAN-IFRA Bar Code for paper reels
    The Materials Management Database project was launched as a spinoff of the Newsprint and Newsink Guide. Today it is used by printers, pressroom foremen and technical management as an information source for facts and advice for dealing with the materials used in producing newspapers. Among other informaton you find the specification of the WAN-IFRA Bar Code for paper reels in this online database. Most of the entries in the database originate from the members of the Material Management Committee; some come from outside sources (as marked), after review and approval by the committee. This database is continually being updated and expanded. New entries will be marked with a label in red type.

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  • Using a longitudinal analysis of readership data of 51 US newspapers, the findings of this study, say that assumptions that “print will one day die” and “digital will rule” were woefully off the mark.

  • The best practice guide ‘Optimised Paper Handling and Logistics’ is a global reference for suppliers, transporters, converters and printers to improve their efficiency — whether sheetfed or web offset, gravure, flexo or digital. The book’s cover price is 250 € / $280, but a FREE e-book download is available.

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  • Newspaper Colour Profile Download
    Agencies and ad suppliers can supply all newspapers worldwide with a single CMYK data set, separated in accordance with a standard ICC colour profile. The introduction of a standard newspaper profile makes newspaper houses more customer-friendly.
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