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Mon - 25.05.2015

WAN-IFRA Academy


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WAN-IFRA Academy

THE Competence Centre of the Newspaper and Media Industry. Our offering is the first choice for practice-oriented, highly-qualified advanced development in the contemporary media industry. And has been so for nearly 20 years.

As a worldwide organisation, we give you best possible industry knowledge and new impulses for your professional future.
You develop your strengths with us in training sessions or customised company workshops. We communicate the knowledge that will lead you to success in the rapidly changing media environment.

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  • Mexico City
    WAN-IFRA's activities in Latin America focus in promoting innovation amongst the region's news media industry, in helping media companies lead a successful digital transition and in advocating for a free and independent press.


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  • The WAN-IFRA Academy is first choice for the qualified professional development of specialists in the news publishing and media industry.
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