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Smart advertising

We have a renewed opportunity to redefine how advertising works, and save the mechanism of advertising that supports content on the open Web. Publishers, not platforms, must take the lead. -Vincent Peyrègne, CEO WAN-IFRA as published in an Open Letter on

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Germany's highest civil court has ruled that the online ad blocker AdBlock Plus does not violate competition laws.

More and more publishers around the world are partnering to create broader, fuller cross-publication advertising opportunities. WAN-IFRA is currently working on a report about how these alliances have come together, how they work and what levels of success they are having.

Euronews has been a pioneer in creating 360 video content. When they first started, there was no traditional way to monetise 360: 2D pre-rolls, post-rolls, or mid-rolls don’t really work with 360 video, and the main platforms euronews use to push content, mostly YouTube and Facebook, can’t deal...

A digital surge just occurred: WAN-IFRA just published four reports that deal with an array of digital media-oriented topics and strategies, highlighting global best-practice, smart use of data, growth strategies, and ads in VR.

Google’s browser will block annoying ads, and will give publishers the option to ask the users of a third-party ad-blocker to either whitelist the site or pay a fee.

The Coalition for Better Ads is planning a broad strategy to block disruptive ads.

The ad-blocking feature would block advertising that doesn’t comply with the standards defined by the Coalition for Better Ads.

The acquisition follows a 10-month collaboration between the two companies.

With AdBlock Plus announcing just this week that it now has 100 million active installations (double what it claimed in January 2016), ad blocking is clearly an ongoing and...

In a panel discussion about ad blocking at #DME16, three publishers with very strong brands – The New York Times, BILD, Verdens Gang – and advertising media giant GroupM shared some of their insights, strategies and results thus far. Here are some takeaways from that panel.

“There's no simple answer or response to ad blocking. But there are a variety of responses, some of which we are working on and coordinating at Newsworks – working with our stakeholders, international colleagues and our friends at the IAB,” said Rufus Olins, Chief Executive of...

Download copies of the Ad Blocking Action Day Presentations here.

Improve the advertising experience and work with ad block users instead of against them – that was the overriding consensus among the participants of WAN-IFRA's Ad Blocking Action Day yesterday. That's the "simple" part of...

In this guest post, Peter G. Marsh urges publishers to "embrace the hatred" readers are expressing toward most forms of advertising on the web and develop solid offensive strategies to tackle ad blocking.

“The majority [of users] of ad blockers are truly engaged, and they want to improve the site. They don’t want to block the site, but they are trying to make us understand why they are doing it,” says VG's Elnaz Esmailzadeh.

Publishers around the world are responding to the impact of ad blocking in different ways, from marketing actions aimed at moving mobile users into apps to blocking access to content for users with ad blockers enabled.

More than half of the publishing industry executives who took part in a recent WAN-IFRA survey say they are “extremely likely” to join and actively support an industry-wide standard response to ad blocking.

Over the last three years we have experimented with different approaches and technologies to tackle the problem of ad blocking, writes Johnny Ryan, Head of Ecosystem at PageFair, and consultant for...

The threat of ad blocking offers publishers a unique opportunity to redefine how advertising works online. And publishers, not platforms, must take the lead. ...

Although ad blockers have been around for years, coverage of the topic is heating up daily after Apple announced its move to make ad blocking easier and more comprehensive on iPhones and iPads. The next version of Apple’s mobile-operating system, due out as early as next month, will let users...

Some online advertising exposes Internet users to security risks. This is driving up adoption of ad blocking by readers, and causing further grief for publishers, writes David Barton of PageFair in this guest post.

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