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Writing and Reporting News



Writing and Reporting News

Date and Location

  • 14 Jun 2016 - 15 Jun 2016

Sub title

A workshop with a focus on Long-Form Writing

Introduction to Event


Print journalism has long made its mark with long, in-depth articles, features and investigations that set it apart from its broadcast and digital competition. But in the era of short social updates and mobile messaging, some have feared that long-form journalism would not attract the audiences in this attention-deficit age.

But research has shown that high impact, long-form journalism is critical to critical in maintaining a strong brand both in print and across digital platforms, and in-depth features and investigations are enjoying a renaissance as digital storytelling creates bold new opportunities for journalism.

In this course, we will look at how to plan high impact long-form pieces for print, desktop, mobile and social audiences. It will show how to plan, package and promote your highest quality and highest investment journalism to have the maximum impact and engagement. 

Course Outline

* Understand the latest in long-form journalism

* How it is packaged for print and digital platforms

* Identify long-form story formats

* Use of multi-platform (print, digital, mobile and social) in long-form story planning

* Adding video, audio and other elements

* How to engage social and mobile audiences with long-form journalism

* Adding events to your long-form journalism to increase impact and, in some cases, drive revenue

Writing and Reporting News

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