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WAN-IFRA Middle East Conference 2016


WAN-IFRA Middle East Conference 2016


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Wednesday, 24. February 2016

  • 10:00

    Welcome address from the Host
    Sami Al Reyami, Editor-in-Chief, Emarat Al Youm Newspaper, UAE


    Welcome address from WAN-IFRA
    Mechthild Schimpf, Director Middle East, WAN-IFRA, Germany


    Welcome address from our Platinum Partner
    Somayya Jabarti, Editor-in-Chief, Saudi Gazette, KSA


    Welcome address from the Region
    Saleh Al-Humaidan, Chairman of the WAN-IFRA Middle East Committee, KSA


    Welcome speech of our Guest of Honour
    His Excellency Sheikh Sultan bin Ahmed Al Qasimi, Chairman, Shajah Media Centre, UAE

    Chairman of Sharjah Media Centre; Member of the Sharjah Executive Council, UAE

    Editor-in-Chief, Emarat Al Youm Newspaper, UAE

    Director Middle East WAN-IFRA, Germany

    Editor-in-Chief, Saudi Gazette, KSA

    Chairman of the WAN-IFRA Middle East Committee, KSA

  • 11:00
  • 11:30
    Conference Keynote

    The Internet and associated technologies have caused massive disruptions in several industries including newspapers. Newspapers are responding to the challenge by constant innovation and implementing new ideas and business models. The keynote will examine how a leading media company undertook this transformative journey.
    Michael Golden, Vice Chairman, The New York Times Company, USA

    Vice Chairman, The New York Times Company and former Publisher of the IHT, USA

  • 12:15

    Jacob will present the major media trends that WAN-IFRA research has identified. He will also talk about the latest technological developments that are impacting the media industry and how publishers are responding.
    Thomas Jacob, Chief Operating Officer, WAN-IFRA, Germany


    Chief Operating Officer, WAN-IFRA

  • 13:00
  • 14:30


    14:30 Transforming the Newsroom
    The Expressen is one of the most advanced news operations in Sweden.  The speaker will describe the changes in newsroom organization that spurred rapid product innovation and how their WebTV has challenged the traditional TV broadcasters.
    Thomas Mattsson, Editor and Publisher, Expressen, Sweden

    15:00 Creating a compelling tablet edition: Star Touch sets new standard for tablet news
    Too often newspaper tablet apps are really just PDFs of print editions made available on the platform. In early 2015, The Toronto Star announced it would be adding dozens of new staff to create a very different tablet news experience — one based on, and licensed from, Montreal's La Presse+, which is considered one of the top tablet news apps in the world. Star Touch launched in September and offers users an interactive, tablet-specific edition that aims to make the most of the platform.
    Jane Davenport, Managing Editor, Toronto Star, Canada


    15:30 Coffee @ Expo Foyer


    16:00 Leveraging Social Media and Millenials
    Explore how to ignite and engage your audience
    Discover the 9 secrets to a successful social media strategy.
    Frédérique Lancien, Digital Transformation & New Business Strategies, Paris, France


    16:30 Virtual Reality in Story telling
    Virtual Reality is moving from the realm of science fiction to become a tool for immersive story telling. BBC, USA Today, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post are among the newspapers experimenting with this VR. 
    Recent technological advancements have led to exciting new ways of telling stories. Specifically, the ubiquity of the Internet and advances in displays, mobile devices and sensor technologies has made it possible to create highly immersive virtual and augmented realities. Displays, such as immersive 3D goggles, augmented reality glasses, and light field projectors, make it possible to merge virtual and real world media. 
    In this talk we will explore how we can use sensor technology to tell stories in an interactive and immersive way. Sensor can be used to register our movements and even our current emotional state of mind. We can also look at our body as a sensor and use ourselves to interact with stories.  The Interactive Installation Park in Trondheim will be used as a use case and illustrate the potential for sensor-based storytelling.
    Professor Andrew Perkis, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

    Director, Global Advisory, WAN-IFRA, Germany

    Editor-in-Chief of Expressen, Sweden

    Managing Editor of the Toronto Star, Canada

    Professor, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

    Strategy and New Business Director at Groupe L'Equipe, France

  • 17:00

Thursday, 25. February 2016

  • 9:00

    New and Emerging Business Models of Newspaper Printing Companies

    Not only publishers are looking for new business models of news publishing in the digital age but also newspaper printers feel the need to look ahead and plan their future strategies. These are usually based on more than just printing the publication of one publisher. This process is in full swing in many countries around the globe. It has not yet come to an end.  Different concepts and print strategies are developing and there is no one and only business model that fits all needs. Hear about interesting international cases that illustrate the development from different points of view.
    Manfred Werfel, Deputy CEO, WAN-IFRA, Germany


    Inkjet printing for Newspapers

    Inkjet printing has been presented as a potential disruptor of the traditional offset printing of newspapers. How far has this technology evolved? Can it become mainstream in the next years? The speaker who is using two digital presses in his plant to print newspapers will share his experiences.
    Rodd Winscott, President – Topweb LCC, Printing Division, USA


    Outsourcing of Print und Value Added Printing

    Wim Maes will present how his company managed to successfully compete with heatset printers and how they upgraded newspaper supplements to high-quality products.
    Wim Maes, Director, Eco Print Center N.V, Persgroep, Belgium


    WAN-IFRA Deputy CEO, Germany

    President – Topweb LCC, Printing Division, USA

    WAN-IFRA Deputy CEO, Germany

    Technical Director, Eco Print Center N.V., Belgium

  • 10:30
  • 11:00
    Brain snack presentations from award winners

    The winners from the inaugural Digital Media Middle East Awards will show case the uniqueness of the offerings and how they stood out from the rest.

  • 12:00
  • 13:30

    13:30 Smart advertising to increase revenue
    How can Native, Programmatic, Mobile & Video Advertising help increase revenues? With the adblocking disruption, this is the time for publishers to reinvigorate their strategies. Native Advertising done the right way increases engagement while programmatic advertising brings increased efficiencies. Mobile and Video advertising remain huge drivers of the global ad spend, and there is no sign of it stopping as mobile traffic continues to eclipse desktop usage.
    Ben Shaw, Director, Global Advisory, WAN-IFRA, Germany

    14:00 Branded content: a survival strategy for the coming 'adblocalypse’
    More video content is being watched than ever before, so will native advertising and editorial-based content marketing be enough for publishers to compete for consumers attention in an increasingly on demand world. Justin will present inspiring examples from the exciting space where advertising and entertainment collide and beyond, as well as insights from global experts to help you deliver more engaging content strategies for brands and their consumers.
    Justin Kirby, VP/Strategic Content Marketing, Tenthwave Digital LLC, UK


    14:30 Revitalizing a magazine brand
    New thinking and a consumer focus helped recreate an underperforming magazine and make the brand the center of a successful product family. A case study of Austria’s “miss".
    Malte von Trotha, former board member of Styria Media Group AG, Austria

    15:00 Coffee @ Expo Foyer

    15:30 The "new" revenue model ... challenges and opportunities
    The transformation of the print revenue model to digital is still in its early stages and will require sustained effort and courageous action to accomplish.
    Hussein Shobokshi, KSA


    16:00 Diversifying revenue streams
    Media houses are embracing ecommerce, creating special interest groups, launching specialized events and experiences to their communities as part of the diversification strategies. The speaker will share some of the best practices from newspapers around the globe.
    Peter Lamb, President, Lamb Consulting, Florida, USA

    CEO & Founder Ed Capaldi LLC, UAE

    VP/Strategic Content Marketing, Tenthwave Digital LLC, UK

    Director, Global Advisory, WAN-IFRA, Germany

    Senior Executive, Consultant and Investor, Hamburg/Germany

    President, Lamb Consulting, USA

  • 16:30

Date and Location

  • 24 Feb 2016 - 25 Feb 2016
    InterContinental Hotel, Dubai Festival City, UAE

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