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Training on Photojournalism



Training on Photojournalism

Date and Location

  • 08 Jun 2016 - 09 Jun 2016

Introduction to Event

In today’s fast paced world of 24X7 breaking news journalism, images play a major role in communicating to our readers the beauty or the horror of a brief moment in time. Photojournalists have to be on the scene quickly, think fast on their feet, compose the photo and record 1/500th of a second of history.

And while television and internet coverage give viewers around the world almost instantaneous access to events, the still photo is able to compete and even exceed the moving image, in level of impact. This is because still photographs give readers something tangible, to hold in their hands, and to view for as long as they wish. 

The objective of this training program is to help the news photographers to improve their analytical skills to develop a visual vocabulary, leading to improved photographs and more constructive discussions of images. The workshop will help the participants to clinically analyze their methodology, which will include both technical aspects as well as strategic views.

Training on Photojournalism

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