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Wim Maes

Wim Maes

Technical Director, Eco Print Center N.V., Belgium

Starts in 1990 at Roularta Media Group, were I did several jobs:

Roularta Media Group (prints 70.000 tons of paper/year (50%newspaper, 50% Magazines)

1990-1992: responsability for technical services and implemented a preventive maintenance system.

1992-1994: besides my technical responsabilities, I became also R&D responsible for the Printing and finishing department.

1995-2000: Production manager for the printing and finishing department (total 220 people).

To guide all aspects of the process (from the plate to the lorry) in a good way!

Jan 2000-sept 2002: Industrial manager for the Mercator printing group.

I was responsible for the production and technical operations of 4 printing plants:

Concentra Grafic (KBA C215/C418/C818).

Georges Frère in Neuville-en ferrain France (Harris 16 pages/MAN Lithoman 32 pages shortgrain)

Mercator Press at Jabbeke Belgium (MAN Lithoman 48 pages : 2*, Rotoman 16 pages: 5*)

Roularta Media Group at Roeselare Belgium (3 Newspaper hybride machines: Mitsubishi Euro-M: 2* and Harris N1600 / 4 Commercial presses: M4000 / M850 / BT1-S / Octoman).

Sept 2002-july 2004:

Business unit manager at Promatic group.

A company which develops industrial software , automatisation, ... with Siemens and Rockwell PLC.

August 2004 - today:

Technical Director of the Persgroep/ Aurex / EPC.

De Persgroep Publishing is editor of Newspapers (4 titles) and magazines (8-10 Titles) together 75.000 ton of paper a year.

Aurex is the old coldest plant at Brussels with 4 Colorman presses (conventional).

EPC (daughter of De Persgroep Publishing) is the new printing hall at Lokeren (40 km north of Brussels) with "new dimensions" such as waterless newspaper printing and also a first step into "semi-commercial printing" with newspaper press during the day.

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