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Richard Cheary

Richard Cheary

Director Afrozaar, South Africa

Rich Cheary started his career at Hemisphere Technologies as a Java developer in 2000. He later moved to a multinational consultancy where he was Head of Software Solutions Delivery. In 2010 he co-founded where he is currently the Director of Sales and Marketing. is a professional enterprise mobile app development start-up that has been focusing on delivering scalable app solutions to the media publishing industry across all worthwhile platforms. Afrozaar’s Baobab product, that is being launched at World Publishing Expo 2012 is the ideal enterprise ready solution for large publishing houses with multiple sources of content needing to be aggregated and distributed to open SDKs at native app platform level. Baobab is compliant across all major app platforms and has a number of redy built app platforms for license.

Rich is a technology entrepreneur who loves to engage with people and business. He believes opportunities are everywhere and uses his unique perspective to bring different solutions together to be innovation where there was none. Richard is delivery focused and his passion shines through in an energetic and fun way in which he operates.

Rich is also a family man who lives in Cape Town where enjoys unwinding on trail runs in the mountains and coaching mini-rugby.

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