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Mohammed Fahad Alharthi

Mohammed Fahad Alharthi

Editor-in-Chief of Sayidaty, Al Jamila and Arab News

Mohammed Fahad Alharthi holds a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, a Masters Degree in International Journalism from UK’s City University and has over 20 years experience in the media. 

He began his career at Asharq Al Awsat International Arabic Daily published from London before joining Arab News in 1992 as a correspondent. He moved to work with the team to establish the economic newspaper in Saudi Arabia and served as journalist to senior sub- editor of the front page and later became the managing editor. In 1997, he became the editor – in - chief of Arrajol magazine in London and received the Gulf Excellence Award in 2002 on Arrajol’s huge success. He also worked as a visiting journalist at The Financial Times in London. 

In 2004, he became the editor – in - chief of Sayidaty and Al Jamila Magazine and oversaw the transfer from London to Dubai Media City. He has played a leading role in the efforts to bring out a number of specialized issues of Sayidaty such as Sayidaty Décor, Sayidaty Mother & Baby and Sayidaty Fashion. He also supervised the establishment of Sayidaty magazine in English. 

He was a founding member of the Arab Youth Leaders Forum at Davos Middle East conference, a member of Gulf 2000 project at Columbia University in New York and holds also memberships of the Journalists Union in the UK.

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