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Jeongdo Hong

Jeongdo Hong

Chief Executive Officer, JoongAng Media Network, Korea

Mr. Jeongdo Hong is the CEO of JoongAng Media Network (JMnet), the largest media group in the Republic of Korea. Mr. Hong is in charge of managing JMnet’s 37 subsidiaries and 26 brands of media platforms including newspapers, magazines, TV stations, and a multiplex cinema chain.


Since Mr. Hong joined JMnet in 2005 as a member of the Strategic Planning Office, he has developed overall corporate strategies for the leading media group. A highlight of his work was in 2009 when he supervised the JoongAng Ilbo’s (Korean language daily) ambitious project to change the newspaper’s printing format to the Berliner, the first such innovation in all of Asia. Now, he is serving as the newspaper’s CEO.


Mr. Hong also played a crucial role in JMnet’s historic regaining of broadcasting rights in 2011 for a TV channel which was confiscated by the military regime in the 1970s. Mr. Hong serves as the CEO of that channel, JTBC, which is making a name for itself for its fresh approach to news, documentaries, dramas and entertainment programs.

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