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Frank Volmer

Frank Volmer

Managing Director, TMG Landelijke Media, The Netherlands

Frank Volmer (1966) has been managing director of TMG Landelijke Media since October 1st 2013. TMG Landelijke Media covers all TMG’s national brands (print, online, events). Under his responsibility, TMG’s television production company has been launched, automated trading has been implemented and is proving to be very successful, and the percentage of digital turnover has increased significantly.

Previous to his current role at TMG Landelijk Media, Frank has had several positions within TMG management, from managing director of TMG Nederland to managing director of Uitgeversmaatschappij De Telegraaf (Publishing Company De Telegraaf) back to when he started at TMG as marketing manager of Dagblad De Telegraaf in 1995. Before his career at TMG, Frank has worked, among other things, as an entrepreneur.

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