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Daniel Dessein

Daniel Dessein

President, DYN news agency and Vice President ADEPA (Argentina´s Press Association), Argentina

Daniel Dessein was born in Tucumán (Argentina), in 1973. He is the president of DYN news agency, vice president of ADEPA (Argentina´s Press Association), regional vice president and member of the Board of the Inter American Press Association, member of the Board of WAN IFRA, member of the Board of Reading Foundation, member of the Board of La Gaceta and editor of La Gaceta Literaria. He was president of ADEPA in 2010/2011 and vice president of AEDIA (Argentina´s Digital Editors Association) in 2012/2013.

He published articles in 90 newspapers and magazines of 15 countries. He is author and editor of seven books. In 2014, he published "New defeats for journalism" and "Turbulent times. Media and press freedom in Argentina". In 2014 he was elected "journalist of the year" by Rotary Buenos Aires.

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