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Caio Túlio Costa

Caio Túlio Costa

New Media consultant and advisor to the Brazilian Association of Newspapers, Brazil

Internet pioneer in Brazil, Caio Túlio Costa  is new media consultant (including advising the very dynamic Digital Committee of Associação Nacional de Jornais -Brazilian Association of Newspapers), journalist and Ph.D. in communication science.

He worked during 21 years for the newspaper Folha de S.Paulo where he was editor, managing editor, foreign correspondent in Paris (France) and creator of Revista da Folha (a newspaper magazine). He was also chosen to be the first ombudsman of the Brazilian press. In the same communication group Caio Túlio founded in 1996 Universe Online, UOL, the first simultaneously big portal and internet provider in Latin America which he was the Chief Operating Officer during the seven first years.

When he left UOL at the end of 2002, Caio Túlio presided the Semco Foundation, founded by Ricardo Semler (author of Maverick - Warner Books) which helped create the Institute DNA Brazil, center of studies focused on the strategic issues of Brazil and worked with Lumiar School, a innovative experience in Brazilian education.

In May 2006 he assumed the presidency of Internet Group, internet arm of Brasil Telecom, a big Brazilian Telco, which brings together the portals and internet providers’ iG, iBest and BrTurbo. He left the company when the Brazilian telecommunication group Oi takes it´s control in 2009. After, from March to August in the same year, worked for Oi in a  consultancy for digital converged media platform.

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