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Publish Asia 2016


Publish Asia 2016



Tuesday, 29. March 2016

  • 9:00

    1. Organisation for digital focus

    • Fully integrated newsroom to support cross-platform planning and publishing, or a separate digital focused editorial unit?
    • Why a streamlined newspaper production is a condition for a successful digital first focus.

    2. How the editorial organisation can be simplified and streamlined

    • Why it’s an important condition for the digital first focus
    • Key success factors in order to simplify and streamline newspaper production

    3. The best way to implement changes

    4. Metrics, key performance and best practices
    Facts to prepare in order to measure key performance and use best practice, staffing for the different operations.

    Business Developer and Project Manager, TT News Agency

  • 9:00

    Social media has given journalism a new lease on life and it has become a crucial source for news publishing. For newspapers, this channel provides an interactive way to communicate with its current and future readers. 

    In this workshop, participants will gain insight on how to effectively integrate social media into all aspects of their journalism, including newsgathering, verification, audience engagement and distribution.

    Accounts Director, Asia Pacific, CrowdTangle

  • 17:30
    SEABREEZE Pool Side, Manila Hotel

    Generously hosted by the Manila Bulletin, Publish Asia's Welcome Reception will be held in the SEABREEZE Pool Side area of Manila Hotel at 5:30 pm of September 29, 2016. Guests will experience the renowned sunset of the Manila Bay and get an opportunity to relax after a long day of work or travel. A good moment to catch up with old friends and make new contacts among media professionals from over 23 different countries.

Wednesday, 30. March 2016

  • 10:00

    Opening Speech
    His Excellency Benigno Aquino III, President of Philippines

    President of the Philippines

  • 10:30

    Around Asia in 60 minutes

    An overview of the major media trends in Asia Pacific  presented by a panel of Asian Media Companies’s top executives.

    Pichai Chuensuksawadi, Group Editor in Chief, Post Publishing

    Azrul Ananda, Chairman, Jawa Pos Group

    Datuk Mohd Noordin Abbas, Group Managing Director, Utusan Melayu (Malaysia) Berhad

    David Lu, Director External Affairs, Guangzhou Daily

    Barbie Antienza, President, UPMG

    Chang Hee Park, COO, JoongAng Ilbo

    From mobile first to mobile only: Trends across newsrooms in SEA and beyond 

    Asia's Internet users are global trendsetters reinventing the web around mobile, and pushing news publishers to innovate content and business strategies. This session will discuss innovations across mobile platforms including Accelerated Mobile Pages, new forms of storytelling on YouTube, and monetisation.

    Parin Mehta, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Google

    Chief Operating Officer, WAN-IFRA, Germany

    Editor-in-Chief, Bangkok Post, Thailand

    Chairman, Jawa Pos Group, Indonesia

    Group Managing Director, Utusan Melayu

    Director of International Relations and Deputy Director of President Office, Guangzhou Daily Press Group


    Head of Strategic Partnerships, Google

    COO, JoongAng Ilbo

  • 14:00

    News publishers worldwide still make more than 90 percent of their revenues from print. This session will look into creative ways of strengthening print operations from both operational and commercial perspectives. What printing investments should urgently be made? What are the current opportunities for launching successful new print products? What promise do recent developments in digital printing and augmented reality hold

    Investing in print in the digital era

    NewsCorp Australia launched last year a multi-million mailroom upgrade of its newspaper printing sites. This presentation will explain why a leading publisher is still massively investing in costly printing equipments.   

    Geoff Booth, National Director – Production & Logistics, News Corp Australia

    Printing operations as a centre of profit and innovation

    Bennett, Coleman & Co, the publisher of the Times of India is committed to deliver hundreds of innovations in newspaper production every year. It also considers that drastic costs can be saved in printing operations while some revenues opportunities are still under valued.  

    Sanat Hazra, technical Director, The Times of India

    New business models for newspaper printers

    Based on a recent WAN-IFRA research report, this presentation will elaborate on different business models for newspaper printers, following the idea to separate the publishing from the printing business.

    Manfred Werfel, Deputy CEO & Executive Director Global Events, WAN-IFRA

    Digital printing for newspapers today

    An update on the latest technologies available and on sustainability of using digital printing for newspaper production today.

    Panel discussion

    WAN-IFRA Deputy CEO

    Technical Director, Bennett, Coleman & Co, India

    National Director - Production & Logistics, News Corp

    WAN-IFRA Deputy CEO

  • 14:00

    Session hosted by: SpotX

    From ad-blocking softwares to real-time bidding, new technologies are constantly disrupting the digital advertising ecosystem. What is the impact on news media companies? What are the latest trends for optimizing multimedia ad sales?

    The New York Times: T Brand Studio Achieving connection with audiences through authentic, relevant and high quality storytelling Bringing brands to life through effective content marketing continues to be one of the fastest growing areas of the marketing mix.  One component of content marketing, native advertising, has the dual-benefit of associating a brand with the earned reputation of publishers and of gaining readership from a wide cross-section of audiences. The New York Times’s T Brand Studio has created native advertising campaigns for some of the largest companies in the world and has gained insight into what characterizes the most successful of these campaigns.

    Jennifer Cheng, Regional Advertising Sales Manager APAC, INYT

    Embracing programmatic video

    New technology promises ways for publishers to increase revenue and maximise their holistic yield.  Singapore’s multimedia group, MediaCorp and online video advertising platform, SpotX, will explain how to gain commercial efficiency, greater transparency and tighter control of inventory with programmatic video.

    Rodney Tay, Vice President, Digital Solutions & Operations, MediaCorp

    Marcus Tan, Managing Director JAPAC, SpotX

    Managing Director, JAPAC, SpotX

    Regional Advertising Sales Manager, Asia Pacific, The New York Times

    Vice President, Digital Solutions & Operations, MediaCorp

    Director of Supply, JAPAC, SpotX

  • 16:00

    News media organisations are revamping their editorial operations in order to answer in a cost effective manner to their audiences’ new content consumption patterns.

    Digital transformation in the world's biggest print market

    Hindustan Times has recently integrated the newsrooms of its three daily titles, adopted a new CMS and implemented innovative editorial workflows and processes with a widespread use of analytics tools to monitor digital content performance.   

    Nic Dawes, Chief Content & Editorial Officer, HT Media

    Newsroom integration with an “audience-first” focus

    The New Zealand Herald has brought its digital, print, radio, video and photo teams together in one, integrated 24/7 editorial operations in which the editors from all platforms work closely with social media and audience analytic experts. The brand new newsroom also  two production studios and a multi-purpose video studio.

    Shayne Currie, Managing Editor, New Zealand Herald

    Creating a high-performance digital organisation in Asia

    This presentation will explore how media companies such as the South China Morning Post created an efficient and streamlined editorial organisation adapted to multi-channel publishing by - for example - introducing early planning, shorter workflows and flexible user roles.

    Hakan Helander, Senior Consultant – Newsroom Organisation, Wan-Ifra

    Director, Asia, WAN-IFRA

    Chief Editorial and Content Officer, Hindustan Times

    Managing Editor, New Zealand Herald

    Business Developer and Project Manager, TT News Agency

  • 18:30
    Fort Santiago, Manila
    Publish Asia's Gala dinner will take place in the unique set up of Fort Santiago on March 30, 2016, at 6:30 pm. Fort Santiago was built by the Spanish in the 16th century. It is one of Manila's most important historic monument. Publish Asia delegates will be driven to the dinner's venue in typical horse carriages or colourful jeepneys. Manila's leading newspaper publishers selected Fort Santiago as Publish Asia's Gala Dinner venue to represent the rich culture and history of the Philippines and to offer a new and unforgettable experience to everyone.  

Thursday, 31. March 2016

  • 9:00

    Online pure players such as Buzzfeed, Vice and Huffington Post have developed powerful editorial tools and techniques for boosting the reach of their online content. How much inspiration can legacy news publishers draw from the new Content Kings – for both digital and print products – without undermining the quality and credibility of their journalism? What is the best content strategy for social media platforms?

    Improving content performance on social networks

    Updates on the best social tracking practices and how the likes of  Yahoo, Vox, Buzzfeed, CNN or NPR use tools to track what content performs well online and thus helps shape their editorial workflows.  

    Asha Phillips, APAC Account Director, CrowdTangle

    7 things BuzzFeed has learned about how people share across Asia-Pacific

    Producing and surfacing highly sharable content and make it viral is the trademark of Buzzfeed. This presentation will give insights on how this unique content is produced and distributed.

    Simon Crerar, Editor Australia, Buzzfeed

    Bots in the newsrooms: How Slack and AI are changing the way news is discovered, created and distributed

    We’re at the cusp of a new phase of operations driven by the use of bots and other AI technologies to discover, create and distribute stories. These bots will help automate workflows and help you deliver news faster and with greater accuracy.

    Alan Soon, Founder & CEO, The Splice Newsroom

    Accounts Director, Asia Pacific, CrowdTangle

    Australia Editor, Buzzfeed

    Founder & CEO, The Splice Newsroom, Singapore

  • 11:00

    Identifying and developing alternative revenue streams remains at the top of most publishers’ agendas in 2015. From radio, events, magazines and e-commerce portals to mergers and acquisitions or B2B activities, many options are available. A series of case studies will show how media companies in different markets successfully stepped into new business ventures, thanks to accurate analyses of their media brands' strengths and the markets' opportunities.

    Exploring new revenues beyond news

    From events to Marvel characters exhibits home and abroad, Star Media Group is demonstrating an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit for identifying alternative revenue streams to print advertising.

    Wong Chun Wai, Group Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, Star Media Group

     Mastering the 3 pillars of a successful monetisation strategy

    A monetisation strategy is only as strong as its weakest pillar. This presentation will explore through many case studies how to build effective and sustainable tactics within Audience, Diversification and Business Models in order to maximise success and achieve one’s goals.

    Nikolay Malyarov, EVP Chief Content Officer & General Counsel, PressReader

    Entrepreneurialism within a larger organisation: Revenue streams for expansion

    A case study in Dow Jones' strategy for launching a financial publication in Asia and the revenue streams they use to support this endeavour

    Tracy Young, Publisher, Barron's Asia. 

    Managing Director, WAN-IFRA South Asia

    Group Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, Star Media Group Berhad

    EVP, Chief Content Officer and General Counsel, PressReader

  • 11:00

    Are journalists safe in Asia? What can we learn from Western media houses about the protection of souces in the digital era? The tragic start to the present year one the one hand and the revelations on the disclosure of global surveillance by government agencies on the other hand have underscored the need for editors to come together and share thoughts and experiences about these challenging issues.

    Chay Hofileña, Head of Investigative Unit, Rappler

    Marc Lavine, Editor in Chief Asia, AFP 

    Head of Investigative Unit, Rappler

    Editor in Chief, APAC, AFP

  • 14:00

    Session hosted by: Unruly

    Video is exploding online and on mobile platforms; tablets offer new opportunities and attract serious advertiser investments in many markets. This session will present some of the formats that media companies are using to generate new revenue. It will also show how creative advertising in print keeps driving advertising dollars, even in mature markets.

    Innovate, Don’t constipate!

    While newspaper advertising and subscription revenues are taking a beating and new age pure play brands are charging forward, Singapore Press Holdings keeps innovating in print and digital. From its investment in an inkjet digital printing head for producing personalised papers to a “solution-focused” marketing team, discover SPH’s latest inroads for staying ahead of the game.

    Geoff Tan, SVP – Head Strategic Marketing, Singapore Press Holdings

    Making an impact with print advertising

    Australian newspapers have published creative print advertising and measured their outstanding impact on readers, producing convincing evidence of the unrivalled strength of the print medium, combined with other platforms, for conveying brands’ messages to the right audiences.

    Mark Hollands, Chief Executive Officer, TheNewspaperWorks

    Senior Vice President, Head - Strategic Marketing, Singapore Press Holdings, Singapore

    CEO, The Newspaper Works, Australia

  • 16:00

    Publish Asia’s closing session will focus on innovations in mobile, video and tablet publishing… It will present case studies from media companies which are embracing new technologies and business strategies for radically transform their operations with a mobile-first focus in order to remain relevant and thrive in tomorrow’s media world.

    Redefining newspaper content in the multi-screen media consumption era

    How the Philippine Star embarked in the production of highly popular mini TV series for a Cable TV channel. Ratings and metrics. Target audience feedback and future prospects.  
    Lucien C. Dy Tioco – Senior Vice President for Sales & Marketing, Philstar Media Group

    Expanding online video and social media offerings 

    ABP News Network is India's largest TV news network with a reach of over 100 millions weekly. With India being the World's second largest and one of the fastest growing digital markets, ABP has significantly beefed up its online video offerings and content distribution on social media platforms in recent months.
    Ashok Venkatramani, Chief Executive Officer, ABP News Network

    Director, Asia, WAN-IFRA

    Senior Vice-President, Sales & Marketing, PhilStar Media Group

    Chief Executive Officer, ABP News Network Pvt. Ltd., India

Date and Location

  • 29 Mar 2016 - 31 Mar 2016

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