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Publish Asia 2015


Wednesday, 29. April 2015

  • 9:00
    Common opening session for all
    World Ballroom B, Level 23, Bangkok Convention Centre, Centara Grand Hotel @ CentralWorld

    Moderator: Gilles Demptos, Director Asia, WAN-IFRA

    Opening keynote
    Dr. Mario Garcia, Founder & CEO, Garcia Media, USA

    World Press Trends
    Thomas Jacob, COO, WAN-IFRA

    Pit Gottschalk, Managing Director of Content Management, Axel Springer, Germany

    CEO and Founder, García Media, USA


    Managing Director, Content Management, Axel Springer, Germany

  • 11:00
    Common session for all
    World Ballroom B, Level 23, Bangkok Convention Centre, Centara Grand Hotel @ CentralWorld

    Building up a virtuous data ecosystem
    Rappler has implemented a unique model of audience engagement which combines crowdsourcing and data analytics to engage users and deliver powerful targeted ad campaigns.
    Maria A. Ressa, CEO & Executive Editor, Rappler, Philippines

    Data: An opportunity for magazine publishers?
    Challenges & opportunities linked to “data” for a traditional magazine publisher in the journey of digital transformation.
    Yves Bougon, Director East Asia, Hearst Media International, Japan

    CEO and Executive Editor, Rappler, Philippines

    President & CEO, Hearst Fujingaho Co., Ltd. SVP, Managing Director – East Asia, Hearst Magazines International East Asia, Japan

  • 13:00
    Hosted by Cxense

    World-class brands such as The Wall Street Journal, e-commerce leader, and media company Globo all use Cxense to gain a lead on the competition. Why? Media, e-commerce and enterprise businesses are suddenly realizing that being smart with data not only means improving the user experience on their sites, it also means higher revenue. The session will cover topics such as the power of personalizing your site with data, boosting revenue with targeted advertising (including native ads), and how to use data to increase digital subscribership. It will also include a case study presentation by Motoko Imada, CEO of Japan's Mediagene, and her team member Kotara Teshima. Mediagene is a leading digital media company in Japan, with titles such as GIZMODO, lifehacker, and Kotaku reaching over 145 million PVs/month.

    VP Global Marketing & Communications, Cxense

    CEO, Mediagene, Japan

    Senior Vice President & GM, Asia Pacific , Cxense

  • 14:00
    Common session with Printing Summit
    World Ballroom B, Level 23, Bangkok Convention Centre, Centara Grand Hotel @ CentralWorld

    Cost optimization: Outsourcing accounting & finance
    In an audacious move, Post Publishing outsourced its finance and accounting departments in 2014, following the outsourcing of its IT department a few years ago. Lessons learned on how to establish lean and flexible operations at a traditional newspaper company. 
    Supakorn Vejjajiva, President & COO, Post Publishing, Thailand

    Panel discussion on latest developments in newspaper production for enhancing print revenues
    Gerald Benz, Deputy Vice President Sales, manroland web systems GmbH
    Peter Kirwan, President APAC, Goss International, Australia
    Evandro Matteucci, General Manager, Graphics, VP Marketing, APAC, Eastman Kodak, China
    Snehasis Roy, VP Manufacturing, ABP, India

    President and COO, Post Publishing, Thailand

    Deputy Vice President Sales, Manroland web systems Gmbh, Germany

    Vice President, Asia Pacific, Goss International

    General Manager, Graphics, VP Marketing, APAC, Eastman Kodak

    Associate Vice President - Manufactruring, ABP Pvt Ltd., India

  • 16:00

    How to register a press without touching the press
    Most presses suffer from some sort of miss-registration that is either tedious or hard to correct. Using the Proimage Press Register solution, any mechanical miss-registration can be corrected without touching the press. This is done by accurately measuring the error (using digital microscope) and correcting the data to be burned on the plates. Accuracies in the range of 10 microns can be achieved.
    Hanan Drory, VP Sales & Marketing Asia, ProImage, Israel

    New ad revenues with inkjet technology
    Describing Kodak’s leading position of SONORA Process Free Plates to provide both economic and environmental benefits for newspaper printing companies. And introducing how Kodak inkjet solutions to help newspaper publishers increase circulations and create advertising revenues.
    Evandro Matteucci, Vice President and General Manager, Print Systems Division, Asia-Latin America-Middle-East-Africa Eastman Kodak Company

    VP Sales & Marketing - Asia, New ProImage, Israel

    General Manager, Graphics, VP Marketing, APAC, Eastman Kodak

Thursday, 30. April 2015

  • 8:00
    Hosted by Mather Economics

    Publishers need to understand what content is driving audience engagement and subscriptions, how different customer segments consume the content, which customers are willing to pay, and how much they will pay. They also need to understand what advertising inventory advertisers are demanding, the value of that inventory, and what inventory remains available. Mather Economics will share case studies and offer recommendations on how best to execute your data-driven strategy

    President, Mather Economics, USA

  • 9:00

    Colour quality and global benchmarking through WAN-IFRA’s INCQC
    Printing consistently that produces quality results over time should be a habit and one of the strategic objectives of an advanced newspaper house. This objective is the most critical for the satisfaction of advertisers and readers of the newspaper.

    In order to achieve this goal, process control procedures and proven standards like ISO 12647-3 have to be established and practiced.

    This 90 minute session gives an introduction about quality standards for newspaper production, how to implement them and how the quality can be benchmarked with other newspapers across the globe through WAN-IFRA's International Newspaper Color Quality Club (INCQC) competition.

    Research Engineer, WAN-IFRA, India

  • 11:00

    Innovations in Newspaper Production : How to improve the bottom line.
    The presentation will describe few innovative ideas for optimization of production cost without compromising the look and feel of the product. Examples of innovative product variations that does not require substantial investment while brings in additional advt revenue, shall also be presented.
    Snehasis Chandra Roy, Associate VP - Manufacturing, ABP Pvt Ltd., India

    Improved productivity with Magnum Compact
    New Generation Single Width Press, the Goss Magnum Compact meets all today’s requirements for flexibility, cost savings and improved productivity.
    Peter Kirwan, VP Asia Pacific, Goss International, Australia

    Associate Vice President - Manufactruing, ABP Pvt Ltd., India

    Vice President, Asia Pacific, Goss International

  • 13:00
    Lunch session hosted by Google

    Asia's Internet users are reinventing the Internet around mobile, pushing news publishers to develop new content and new ways to make money. Dushyant Khare of Google and Kirk MacDonald of Digital First Media will share their perspectives on the new business strategies and revenue models in the mobile first world across the world and discuss the difference and similarities between Asia's mobile Internet users and the West's Internet users that began with desktop.

    Director, Asia, WAN-IFRA

    Head of Strategic Partnerships for Southeast Asia & India, Google

    Executive Vice President of Sales and Sales Development/ President of AdTaxi, Digital First Media, USA

  • 14:00
    Common closing session for all

    The International New York Times in Asia: Looking ahead
    A look at the International New York Times’ approach to growing its business in Asia and some of the exciting new print and digital initiatives being launched in the region throughout 2015.
    Helena Phua, Executive Vice President - APAC, INYT, HK

    More internet - More content: Transformation of media landscape & publishing through digital and mobile
    Asia’s use of mobile devices is creating entirely new opportunities for publishers and changing the world’s Internet. Google outlines how to reach out to an audience that behaves very differently from audiences in the West and which new business models are being created in the process.
    Dushyant Khare, Head of Strategic Partnerships for Southeast Asia & India, Google

    Building and retaining audiences through innovation
    A look at The Wall Street Journal’s approach to storytelling, platforms and engaging subscribers
    Mark Pope, Managing Director, Dow Jones Asia, HK

    Executive Vice President - APAC , International New York Times

    Head of Strategic Partnerships for Southeast Asia & India, Google

    Managing Director, Dow Jones, Asia Pacific & Publisher, The Wall Street Journal Asia

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  • 28 Apr 2015 - 30 Apr 2015

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