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Open 'Media Port' stages 2013


Open 'Media Port' stages 2013



Monday, 7. October 2013

  • 11:00
    Booth 4.2.410, Media Port "Workflow Efficiency"

    With the latest developments in the news publishing landscape, an appropriate platform to discuss and debate the future of publishing is needed more than ever. Therefore the World Publishing Expo in Berlin comes at an ideal time, and place, to support independent news businesses who play a vital role in open, free societies and democratic debate.

    Mathias Döpfner, Axel Springer's CEO; Andrew Miller, the Guardian's CEO; Tomas Brunegard, WAN-IFRA President and Stampen Chairman; and Ken Doctor, the renowned US-based media expert will open the World Publishing Expo talking about the future of news publishing. The opening will end with a presentation of the winners of the first WAN-IFRA/World Editors Forum hackathon working on cracking the codes for the news of the future.

    Chief Executive Officer, WAN-IFRA, France

    President, WAN-IFRA, Sweden

    CEO, Axel Springer, Germany

    CEO, Guardian Media Group, UK

    Director of Business Development, Storyful, Ireland

  • 12:30
    Booth 3.2.600, Media Port "Social Local Mobile"

    The appetiser session for the 6th Tablet & App Summit

    • Hürriyet: A Transformation Story in Media
    • De Standaard: How to convince newspaper subscribers with a digital-only evening edition ? (supported by Twipe Mobile Solutions)
    • Protecmedia: Digital audience management: Coherent DX for readers (elevator pitch)
    • SPN Publishing: Monitising mobile requires the right mix of technology, inventory & design (supported by Mediaspectrum)
    • Leia Media Ltd: Could ePaper help media companies? (supported by Anygraaf OY)
    • arvato Systems: arvato Systems e-publishing strategy (elevator pitch)

    Program Director, CBS Executive, Denmark

    Tablet and Mobile Coordinator, Hürriyet, Turkey

    Editor in Chief,, Turkey

    Editor-in-Chief, De Standaard, Belgium

    Corporate Pre-Sales Director, Protecmedia, Germany

    CEO and Founder, SPN Publishing, Russia

    Chief Media Officer, Leia Media, Finland

    Managing Director, Arvato Systems, Germany

  • 13:00
    Booth 2.2.700, Media Port "Power of Print"

    A high-level panel discussion on the question: What is the role of print in the multimedia pack?

    Publisher, PreMedia Newsletter, Germany

    Publisher and CEO, The Globe and Mail, Canada

    Managing Driector & CEO, ABP Pvt Ltd, India

    General Manager, Warum Verlag GmbH, Germany

  • Booth 2.2.700, Media Port "Power of Print"

    Under the motto “Digital Print Moves” the World Publishing Expo offers a special exhibition area devoted to digital printing. Here you will find innovations from traditional suppliers as KBA, Oce, Kodak, manroland, but also start-ups like peecho.

  • 14:30
    Booth 1.2.710, Media Port "Revenue"
    • 24 Media: Key trends in paid content
    • Helsingin Sanomat: Experiences from multi-channel paywall in Finland (supported by Futurice)
    • PressReader: 5 ways to monetize your digital edition: Best practices from around the globe (elevator pitch supported by NewspaperDirect)
    • Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung GmbH & Co. KG: The success story of the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung on the iPad (supported by dpa Deutsche Presse-Agentur)
    • La Dépêche du Midi: The e-paper ofLa Dépêche Du Midi (supported by Protecmedia)
    • Nordbayerischer Kurier GmbH & Co. Zeitungsverlag KG: Paid content: Only what you pay for has a value (supported by red.web)
    • Varnish Software: Why the world's top digital media rely on the Varnish Paywall (elevator pitch)
    • Regionalmedien Austria AG: Digital revenue strategies (supported by Gogol Publishing)
    • Talentum Media: Multiple brands, all devices, one platform (supported by Conmio)

    Vice Chairman, 24 Media, Greece

    Business Manager, Helsingin Sanomat, Sanoma News, Finland

    Director of Publishing, PressReader, Canada

    Sales Manager, Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung, Germany

    IT Manager, Groupe La Dépêche du Midi, France

    Chief Editor, Nordbayerischer Kurier, Germany

    CEO, Varnish Software, Norway

    Head of Corporate Development, Regionalmedien Austria AG

    Project Manager, Talentum Media, Finland

  • 14:30
    Booth 4.2.410, Media Port "Workflow Efficiency"
    • BILD: Image workflow at BILD (supported by FotoWare)
    • Nussbaum Medien: Importance of efficiency for the future of the newspaper (supported by JJK)
    • TypoServ GmbH: Lean production (supported by JJK)
    • N24 Media: Automised content curation at N24 (supported by Retresco)

    • Concentra: Prepress Production in the cloud (supported by Agfa Graphics)

    Principal, Porsche Consulting GmbH, Germany

    Managing Editor, BILD, Germany

    Managing Director, Nussbaum Medien publishing group, Germany

    Senior Executive, Nussbaum Medien Uhingen GmbH & Co. KG , Germany

    Technical Manager, TypoServ GmbH, Germany

    Head of N24-Digital, Germany

    Expert in production, workflow and print process, Concentra Media, Belgium

  • 16:00
    Booth 2.2.700, Media Port "Power of Print"

    Learn more about the WAN-IFRA International Newspaper Color Quality Club and its unique printing quality competition for newspapers worldwide. Also meet the former winners!

    Research Manager Materials, WAN-IFRA, Germany

    Managing Director, Druckzentrum Rhein Main, Germany

    Associated Consultant, WAN-IFRA CH

    Quality and Coord. Manager, Zaman Newspaper, Turkey

  • 16:00
    Booth 3.2.600, Media Port "Social Local Mobile"
    • The Verdens Gang story
    • Digital First Media: Mobile video: The next generation of real time news publishing (supported by Tout)
    • Hürriyet: How Hürriyet built the largest blogger network in Europe (supported by Boomads)
    • Warum Verlag GmbH: Interaction in Print
    • Der Tagesspiegel: Community building (supported by Scoopshot)

    Managing Director, Vienna Digital OG, Austria

    Executive Editor, Verdens Gang, Norway

    CEO, Digital First Media, USA

    Head of Online Marketing Solutions, Hürriyet, Turkey

    General Manager, Warum Verlag GmbH, Germany

    Photo Manager, Der Tagesspiegel, Germany

  • 17:00
    Booth 4.2.410, Media Port "Workflow Efficiency"

    At World Publishing Expo 2013 the University of Applied Sciences (HMKW) will award the graduates of its courses  "Journalism and Corporate Communication" and "Graphic Design and Visual Communication" the academic title "Bachelor of Arts". The ceremony, that will be held in accordance with established academic traditions, is intended to symbolically mark our successful graduates'  entry into professional life .

Tuesday, 8. October 2013

  • Booth 2.2.700, Media Port "Power of Print"

    Under the motto “Digital Print Moves” the World Publishing Expo offers a special exhibition area devoted to digital printing. Here you will find innovations from traditional suppliers as KBA, Oce, Kodak, manroland, but also start-ups like peecho.


  • 10:00
    Booth 1.2.710, Media Port "Revenue"
    • G+J Electronic Media Sales: Innovative Advertising 
    • AIM Group//Classified Intelligence LLC: What is hot in Classifieds?
    • Saarbrücker Zeitung: The cross-media package and local selling approach of our gastro portal
    • Carry-On Publishing GmbH & sisterMAG: Ads and Advertorials - This is how SisterMag makes money!

    Principal, MD, Advanced Interactive Media Group LLC

    Managing Director, G+J Digital GmbH, Germany

    Publishing Director, Saarbrücker Zeitung Verlag und Druckerei GmbH, Germany

    Founders, Carry-On Publishing GmbH & sisterMAG, Germany

  • 10:00
    Booth 4.2.410, Media Port "Workflow Efficiency"

    How to adapt the processes in the newsroom to the cross-media future.

    • Regionalmedien Austria AG: Cross-media publication without extra work: Efficient workflows at RMA (supported by Gogol Publishing)
    • BAUER MEDIA GROUP: Image workflow optimization with sedna touch (~sedna gmbh)
    • Axel Springer AG: One integrated newsroom on one platform (supported by InterRed)
    • InterRed: Agile production in the newsroom (elevator pitch)

    Managing Director, Editor in Chief, Liquid Newsroom, Germany

    Head of Corporate Development, Regionalmedien Austria AG

    Project Management Digital Asset Management, Bauer Media Group, Germany

    Managing Editor, BILD, Germany

    Head of Consulting, InterRed GmbH, Germany

  • 11:30
    Booth 1.2.710, Media Port "Revenue"
    • Erento: Innovative advertising?
    • Valecom AG: MemoStick® and MemoScent® - How to attract new advertising customers with exclusive and tailor-made front page advertising formats (elevator pitch)
    • Riksmedia: Innovative technology which helps us to create more effective campaigns (supported by Mobileloyalty)
    • KSF Media: Digital advertising case KSF Media (supported by Visiolink)
    • El Universal: How NuzzTap rescue advertising effectiveness? (supported by Ideas Portables)

    CEO, Citygate, Sweden

    CEO, erento GmbH, Germany

    Managing Director, Valecom AG (WRH Marketing Group),Switzerland

    CEO, Riksmedia Sverige AB, Sweden

    Director Digital Media, KSF Media, Finland

    Gerente de Mercadeo de Nuevos Negocios, El Universal, Venezuela

  • 11:30
    Booth 4.2.410, Media Port "Workflow Efficiency"

    How to adapt the processes in the newsroom to the cross-media future.

    • Shaw Media: Accelerate the inevitable: Automate your pagination (supported by Roxen Internet Software)
    • Helsingin Sanomat / Sanoma News: Adapting to the cross-media future at Helsingin Sanomat newsroom (supported by Desk-Net)
    • RGB Media Inc: Making more with less (a wrap-up of the session)

    News Editor, Helsingin Sanomat, Finland

  • 12:00
    Booth 2.2.700, Media Port "Power of Print"

    Bienvenue à l'apéro français, venez partager un bon moment en toute convivialité !

    The traditional cocktail is organized by WAN-IFRA for French speaking visitors.

     Click here for more information.

  • 13:00
    Booth 1.2.710, Media Port "Revenue"

    Meet and get inspired by women working in the new media business worldwide. We will discuss our role as creative leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs.

    Head of Media Development, WAN-IFRA

    Product Development Manager,, Brazil

    Founder of Berlin Geekettes, Germany

    Head of International Business Development, Guardian News & Media, Australia

    Vicepresident, Advertising and Operations, Economist Digital, UK

  • 13:00
    Booth 3.2.600, Media Port "Social Local Mobile"
    • The Irish Times: Responsive Design - The pain and the gain (supported by ATEX)
    • Responsive Design at DuMont Net GmbH (support by Visiolink)
    • Sächsische Zeitung Dresden: Newspaper tablet publishing and printing (supported by Agfa Graphics)
    • Polaris Media: The perfect storm: How newspaper publishers lost the battle, but how they can still win the war. (supported by OneVision Software)

    Founder, Owner, KircherBurkhardt, Germany

    Chief Information Officer, The Irish Times Group, Ireland

    Head of the digital section, DuMont Net GmnH, Germany

    Journalist, Sächsische Zeitung Dresden, Germany

    Group General Manager, Polaris Media, Australia

  • 14:30
    Booth 2.2.700, Media Port "Power of Print"
    •  Axel Springer AG: Hybrid newspaper Printing features and benefits of digital individualisation (supported by Kodak)
    • Halewijn: Digital printing: bringing a new life to the newspaper, closer to the reader (supported by Océ Printing Systems)
    • Axel Springer: Future of print in the digital age - Digital printing (supported by Océ Printing Systems)
    • MittMedia Print AB: New business model with a coldset/heatset cortina waterless press (supported by Toray Industries)
    • Peecho: Cloud print and the future of publishing (elevator pitch)

    WAN-IFRA Deputy CEO, Germany

    General Manager, BILD Ost / Saarland, Axel Springer AG, Germany

    Project Manager, Halewijn, Belgium

    Head of Sales & Marketing, Axel Springer AG - Druckhaus Spandau, Germany

    CEO, MittMedia Print AB, Sweden

    CEO, Co-founder, Peecho, The Netherlands

  • 14:30
    Booth 4.2.410, Media Port "Workflow Efficiency"

    Effective tools to manage customer data and campaigns

    • Allgäuer Zeitung: CRM goes mobil - CRM for advertising sales on the iPad (supported by Sensix)
    • Lineup Systems: Effective tools to manage customer data and campaigns
    • Der Reporter: Stop focussing on the customers of today - or you won't have any tomorrow! (supported by JJK)

    President, Lamb Consulting, USA

    Managing Director, Allgäuer Zeitungsverlag GmbH, Germany

    Head of Client Services, Lineup Systems, UK

    Founder and Publisher of „Der Reporter“, Germany

  • 15:30
    Booth 1.2.710, Media Port "Revenue"

    Meet innovators from around the world and hear a selection of publishing companies explain how they have successfully worked together with innovative start-ups to develop new ideas and strategies supporting the transformation of our industry. Free for all visitors.

    The session will be moderated by Ole Mølgaard, Programme Director at CBS Executive, Denmark.


    Program Director, CBS Executive, Denmark

    Founder and CEO, etventure, Germany

    Chief Digital Officer at Haaretz, Israel

    CTO of Axel Springer’s Electronic Media Division, Germany

    Director R&D, Federation of the Finnish Media Industry, Finland

    Operational Director at Stimuleringsfonds voor de Pers, The Netherlands

  • 16:00
    Booth 3.2.600, Media Port "Social Local Mobile"
    • Parzeller Group: The convergent strategy on different digital channels (supported by Protecmedia)
    • PressMatrix GmbH: Bigger reach, higher revenue, zero printing (elevator pitch)
    • MAIRDUMONT GmbH & Co. KG: Mobile publishing - challenges and solutions  
    • Urban Media GmbH: The e-paper of the "Tagesspiegel" (supported by Microsoft Deutschland)
    • Burda News Group/Focus magazine: Burda News Group Goes Digital (supported by PressMatrix)

    Marketing and Content Partner, M-Days, Germany

    COO & Head of Expertise, Parzeller Group, Germany

    CEO, PressMatrix GmbH, Germany

    Head of Mobile, Project Manager Mobile Applications, MAIRDUMONT GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

    Head of Software Development, Urban Media GmbH, Germany

    Senior Product Manager Digital, BURDA NEWS GROUP/FOCUS MAGAZINE, Germany

  • 16:30
    Booth 4.2.410, Media Port "Workflow Efficiency"

    This one hour workshop demonstrates what United States and Canadian media companies are doing to insure the future: radical redesign of the organization and thinking about expenses, new ways to leverage, stabilize and grow legacy-related revenue and digital growth amid exploration.

    Senior Managing Director, FTI, USA

Wednesday, 9. October 2013

  • Booth 2.2.700, Media Port "Power of Print"

    Under the motto “Digital Print Moves” the World Publishing Expo offers a special exhibition area devoted to digital printing. Here you will find innovations from traditional suppliers as KBA, Oce, Kodak, manroland, but also start-ups like peecho.

  • 10:00
    Booth 2.2.700, Media Port "Power of Print"
    •  Rotapress Saarburg: Enhancing for the future – Retrofit is not just replacement of old parts (supported by EAE Ewert Ahrensburg Electronic)
    • Alma Manu Oy: Better quality and efficiency by automized printing (supported by Q.I. Press Controls)
    • Newsprint: Lean enterprise
    • GRAFIE CZ: New oportunity with digital newspaper printing (supported by Océ Printing Systems)
    • Halewijn: Digitally printed newspaper, runlength of one (supported by Océ Printing Systems)

    Editor-in-Chief, 4c, Vienna, Austria

    CEO, Rotapress Saarburg GmbH, Germany

    Quality Manager, Alma Manu Oy, Finland

    Group Continuous Improvement Manager, Newsprinters, United Kingdom

    Director and Owner, GRAFIE CZ, Prague, Czech Republic

    Project Manager, Halewijn, Belgium

  • 10:00
    Booth 3.2.600, Media Port "Social Local Mobile"
    • Umuntu Media: How Mimiboard is changing the way hyperlocal content is being created and accessed across the continent
    • Kurierverlags GmbH: Hyperlocal with Content-X (supported by ppi Media)
    • Johnston Press: Revenue strategies for supercharging local and national display advertising (supported by Localstars)
    • WAZ NewMedia: Engaging the crowd (supported by Scoopshot)

    CEO, Umuntu Media (Mimiboard), South Africa

    Head of Media Services, Kurierverlags GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

    Head of Display & Operations, Johnston Press, UK

    Managing Director / CEO, WAZ NewMedia

  • 11:00
    Meeting Bridge A, Room Lindau 3

    This tour guides you to the exhibitors of the World Publishing Expo that offer successful solutions for "Corporate Publishing". 2 hours that give you a comprehensive overview of the technologies available and suggestions on how to upgrade your existing system.

    The group will meet in room Lindau 3. To register please write to (The participation is free for visitors)

  • 11:30
    Booth 1.2.710, Media Port "Revenue"

    Media companies in the United States and Canada are experimenting in a lot of different areas as they continue to search for sustainable business models on the digital side. These sessions will focus on the most promising trends and success stories from a wide variety of North American media houses.

    • Local Media innovation mission top takeaways
    • Propel Marketing: Activating Digital Media Agencies - A Gatehouse Media Study
    • Second Street: How promotions are generating six-figures for US media companies
    • Impact Engine: How Rich Media is driving revenue

    President, Local Media Association, USA

    Senior Vice President, Alliances and Development, Propel Marketing/GateHouse Media, USA

    CEO, Red Wing Publishing, USA

  • 11:30
    Booth 4.2.410, Media Port "Workflow Efficiency"

    This one hour open workshop will show the seven steps of mastering workflow efficiency in a news media company. Setting the right objectives, creating a reasonable framework and applying pragmatic tools and methods: find out how it´s done, join the discussion and share your experience!

    Managing Partner, Kirchner + Robrecht management consultants, Germany

  • 14:00
    Booth 1.2.710, Media Port "Revenue"

    Discover new revenue streams and win interesting customers by offering "Corporate Publishing".

    The cases:

    • DATEV eG: Offline, online, mobile, social: The digital customer magazine of DATEV
    • KircherBurkhardt GmbH: Crossmediales Storytelling: Allianz Kundenmagazin 1890
    • LASERLINE: "New" communcation with "old" values - Paper is more than "content carrier"
    • G+J Corporate Editors GmbH: BestCase "Nissan" - Cross-media content communication

    Managing Director, Forum Corporate Publishing e.V., Germany

    Head of Corporate Publishing, DATEV eG, Germany

    Project Manager, KircherBurkhardt GmbH, Germany

    Managing Director, KircherBurkhardt GmbH, Germany

    Publishing Director, Munich Office G+J Corporate Editors GmbH, Germany

    Editor-in-Chief, Nissan N_Magazin, Germany

    VP, LASERLINE Digitales Druckzentrum Bucec & Co. Berlin KG, Germany

    Forum Corporate Publishing

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