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Nordic Local Media Conference 2012



Nordic Local Media Conference 2012

Date and Location

  • 30 May 2012 - 31 May 2012
    World Trade Center, Stockholm


Price: Members: 4900 SEK + VATNon-members: 7900 SEK + VAT. 

The early bird price is valid until 4th May, after that, prices are 5900 SEK + VAT for members and 8900 SEK + VAT for non-members.

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Sub title

Digital strategies positioning local media


  • Alf Lande
    CEO at LAC 2.0 AS, Norway

    Alf has extensive experience from strategic research and  works in the...


  • Åke Hökby
    Head of Business Development, Eskilstuna-Kuriren

    For many years Åke Hökby served as sales manager at Södermanlands Nyheter, the major local news...

  • Alf Lande
    CEO at LAC 2.0 AS, Norway

    Alf has extensive experience from strategic research and  works in the...

  • Andreas Ohlson
    General Manager, Metro Nordic Sweden AB

    Andreas Ohlson has broad experience from the media sector as well as from sales, marketing and...

  • Andy Phelan
    Editor, Express & Echo, Northcliffe Media, UK
  • Bjarne Tormodsgard
    Editor in Chief, Hallingdølen, Norway

    Bjarne Tormodsgard is the editor in chief of the local newspaper Hallingdølen, Norway,...

  • Gunnar Springfeldt
    VP of Development, Stampen

    Gunnar Springfeldt is the VP of Development at the Stampen Group, a Swedish media group with...

  • Johanna Törn-Mangs
    Director of Digital Media, Hufvudstadsbladet/KSF Media

    Johanna Törn-Mangs began working with developing digital content for Hufvudstadsbladet and...

  • Lotta Holm
    Research & Development, KSF Media, Finland

    Lotta Holm has worked with media coupled with research since the mid-1990s. Currently, she works...

  • Mads Vad Kristensen
    Digital director in Berlingske Media

    Mads is a seasoned veteran with more than 10 years of experience working with digital...

  • Mikko "Kobra" Koskinen
    Co-founder & CEO, Scoopinion

    Mikko "Kobra" Koskinen comes from a product design and innovation background. Kobra's...

  • Peter Vincent
    CTO, Mag+

    Peter Vincent and his team at Mag+ has developed one of the worlds leading platforms for...

  • Petteri Putkiranta
    VP, Consumer and Digital Business, Helsingin Sanomat, Finland

    Joined Helsingin Sanomat 2008 as VP Digital from Nokia where since 1989 and last position...

  • Sandra Jakob
    Deputy News Editor, Helsingborgs Dagblad

    Sandra Jakob is a deputy News Editor at Helsingborgs Dagblad. Her main interest and...

  • Thomas Schnoor
    Managing Director,

    Thomas Schnoor has a long history in digital business development, serving 15 years as...

  • Urs Gossweiler
    CEO, Gossweiler Media AG, Switzerland

    Urs Gossweiler is a founder of Gossweiler AG. He developed the philosophy of media integration,...

Nordic Local Media Conference 2012

Join us for two days of case studies from Nordic media companies delivering their best advice on how to capture the regional market! Get equipped for the new media landscape with inspiration from the latest strategies on paid for content. Discover the advertising and business models that works. Find out how to position local media against competition outside the media sphere.

In focus:

• Paid for content strategies
• Regional best practices of emerging business models
• Positioning local media

Executive Summary

> A comprehensive Executive Summary of the Newsroom Summit is available to all WAN-IFRA members. Click here to access the Executive Summary of the event.

Visit the conference blog at


Alf Lande, CEO, The Borneo Family, Norway
Lotta Holm, Research & Development, KSF Media, Finland 

09.00 Coffee and registration
10.00 Welcome by confernce chairs 


An irresistible offer to charge for digital
Helsingin Sanomat is a forerunner when it comes to charging for digital content. What set their paid-content-strategy apart from other strategies are: their heavily promoted bundles of print and digital; their digital-only subscriptions and their abandonment of marketing print subscriptions only. It has been a success both for advertisers and readers. The focus on developing rich apps, with video and personalisation for iPad and smart phones, proved to be an important basis for this strategy. Find out why this recipe works!
Petteri Putkiranta, VP, Consumer and Digital Business , Helsingin Sanomat, Finland

A best in class paywall solution

Local newspaper Hallingdølen has set up a paywall where one subscription gives the reader access to multiple new print and digital news channels. One single flexible and intuitive editorial solution enables Hallingdølen to easily produce news with varied content to the audience in print, online, on video, mobile and tablets. A best in class local paywall solution worth hearing more about!
Bjarne Tormodsgard, Editor, Hallingdølen, Norway

Exploring the true power of mobile first

Stampen Group, a leading Swedish player within news media which owns 25 other regional and local newspapers, free newspapers, and printing plants, believe in the “mobile first” strategy. We will get to hear some examples of successful mobile initiatives from the Stampen sphere: How to charge for local news on the mobile at and making sense of the mobile revolution on a local market via the hyper local editions of “Mitti”.
Gunnar Springfeldt, VP Development, Stampen, Sweden

12.40 –14.00 Lunch 

Paid for evolution at Berlingske
Their mobile is moving towards a paid model and overall digital is growing. Danish group Berlingske Media has started charging for a range of new forms of content in new segments, including tabloids, business-to-business and business-to-consumer publications. We will hear how they slowly started moving from the website into BT Plus and how they identify new paid for content online and on mobile.
Mads-Jakob Vad Kristensen, Digital Director, Berlingske Media, Denmark  


How to compete with real-time bidding
The audience is a publisher’s most valuable asset and to monetize this audience, rather than letting others reap the benefits, is vital for the future of media. Media agencies are building demand side platforms and real time bidding platforms with one objective: to take control of your audience – what do you do to be able to compete?
Thomas Schnoor, Managing Director Nordics,, Norway 

Discussion: Implications of new advertising / business models
Is real-time-bidding good news for publishers? How does it affect the bottom line when the target audience is split up and sold by 3rd parties? How beneficial is it to open up both primary and secondary markets? What are coming opportunities for publishers?
Discussion led by: Anders Willstedt, former Head of INMA

The results: tablet-only news for the Åland archipelago
During last year’s Nordic Local Media Conference, Hufvudstadsbladet presented their project on tablets in the archipelago of Åland, aiming at removing the printed paper in expensive distribution areas. We will now get an update a year later in the project which has resulted in a completely new tablet concept about to be launched, with the purpose to get new subscribers and also to test new advertising concepts on tablets.
Johanna Törn-Mangs, Head of Digital Media, KSF Media and Publisher, HBL+, Hufvudstadsbladet, Finland

KEYNOTE: Becoming a local lean news machine
Innovative thinking and integrated solutions at Swiss Jungfrau Zeitung includes all areas and real media integration, it enables information from one source to be distributed to any available channel often. We will hear how Jungfrau Zeitung became a 100 percent local lean news machine with focus on digital first.
Urs Gossweiler, CEO, Gossweiler Media AG, Switzerland

17.00 End if day 1
17.00 - 19.00 Don´t miss the chance to network with colleagues at the get-together with drinks!


Thursday 31 May
09.30 Welcome back 


Nordic best practise of data-driven journalism
While news organisations are busy discussing paid for content strategies and new advertising business models, there is a need to be more relevant and present unique content. As everyone from businesses and governments to individuals go digital, the amount of raw data being recorded and stored is growing. In this presentation, we will hear about data-driven journalism and creative new ways to analyse and present the open data.
Nikolai Thyssen, Editor of Dagbladet Information, Denmark 

Facebook apps increase newspapers’ online traffic
The reach of social media continues to grow, but many still ask the question: how can publishers’ best benefit from this development? Last summer, Facebook opened up the opportunity for media companies to build own apps within the network - and now the statistics are available! In this presentation we will find out more. In the Nordic, Helsingborgs Dagblad has found a way to work with their readers on Facebook. We will hear what works and what does not work.
Sandra Jakob, Web Editor & Social Media Officer, Helsingsborgs Dagblad, Sweden

Start-up view: online opportunities in the mind of a news aggregator
There is a lot to be learnt from start-ups. Scoopinion is a news service that aggregates and serve stories through crowdcuration. Stories are made available based on how well they are received by the editor community and only if the article is read to the end will it be included in the web app. All readers get a personalised daily issue based on their interests. This business model is using the magic of the internet – let’s hear more about it!
Mikko Koskinen, CEO, Scoopinion, Finland

Beating competition through the cloud
As today's media companies see a growing digital competition also from players outside the traditional media sphere, there is a growing need for efficiency and cost reduction. This presentation will show you how to do this, by using cloud services. We will hear how Bonniers Mag+ works with the cloud in their business development and how they balance capacity, performance and cost, and ultimately – business value.
Peter Vincent, CTO, Mag+, Bonnier Sweden

Re-thinking competition: teaming up with Google
Google needs help reaching out, and local news have the right connections with the small and midsize advertisers. In Sweden, NTM, Eskilstuna-Kuriren and Västerbottens-Kuriren now cooperate with Google to find new business revenues.
Åke Hökby, Business Development, Eskilstuna-Kuriren, Sweden

Re-thinking competition: Metro franchise for local newspapers
Metro now enters partnership with local news publishers. In May, for example, Metro Värmland – will be made by Värmlands Folkblad (VF). Hear about the possible benefits on a local market and what it means for Metro. We will also hear how Metro identifies new opportuntities in classifieds.
Andreas Ohlson, Managing Director, Metro, Sweden

UK regional trends: adapting to changing consumer behaviour
To keep up the profitability and change the downwards spiral in circulation, several UK regional newspapers have now moved from daily publication to weekly. Herald Express and Media was first out to go – and the results were impressive: they estimate to be 400 % more profitable this year. Is this drastic approach the next step to take also in the Nordics?
Andy Phelan, Editor, Express & Echo, Northcliffe Media, UK

ca 15.30 Conference close

The Nordic Local Media Conference is arranged together with TU in Sweden, Danske Dagblades Forening in Denmark, Mediebedriftenes Landsforening in Norway and Tidningarnas Förbund in Finland. 

If you are new to Nordic Local Media Conference, you can find information from last years event here!



World Trade Center
Klarabergsviadukten 70



A beneficial agreement for the delegates of Nordic Local Media Conference has been made at First Hotel Amaranten, Kungsholmsgatan 31, Stockholm.  Just a few minute walk from World Trade Center. The price per night is 1679 SEK + VAT including breakfast. Reservations can only be made through email on:

Bookings need to be made before 1 May 2012, stating the code: WAN290512A

When booking, a credit card number and its expiration date has to be stated for warranty (no money will be reserved on the card).  The reservation is not valid until you have received a confirmation from the hotel.

Cancellations can be made free of charge via email no later than 15 May 2012. In case of cancellation overdue or no-shows full price of the reservation is charged. 

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