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Nordic Local Media Conference 2011



Nordic Local Media Conference 2011

Date and Location

  • 26 May 2011 - 27 May 2011


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* Members of WAN-IFRA, TU, Danske Dagblades Forening, Mediebedriftenes Landsforening or Tidningarnas Forbund.

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Sub title

A meeting point for Nordic digital media

Nordic Local Media Conference 2011

WAN-IFRA would like to thank all speakers, participants, exhibitors and sponsors for this year´s Nordic Local Media Conference!

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We look forward to greeting you again next year!


Welcome to an event completely dedicated to local media!

Nordic Local Media Conference is filled with case studies from the Nordic countries, delivering the best innovations and most successful projects from respective country.



Sessions at the Nordic Local Media Conference 2011:

  • Monetizing local contentcan local media houses charge for niche information and selected content?
  • Local media on iPad and tablets how do media companies create successful iPad and tablet publishing solutions on a local market? 
  • Commercial opportunities with local audienceshow can local media companies make maximum use of their local audience with targeted advertising offers and e-commerce? 




10.00 Opening remarks by the chairs
Jonathan Bean, Chief Operating Officer, MyNewsdesk, Sweden
Merja Helle, Head of Research, University of Art and Design Helsinki, Finland

Keynote: Tickles - Archant’s challenge on Groupon
The UK regional media group Archant has identified and implemented initiatives for new opportunities in digital revenues. A recent example is Tickles, a local web site for group purchasing (Groupon-style) that opens a huge sales potential for Archant’s local ad teams.
Serge Taborin, Group Business Development Director, Archant, UK

Session 1: Monetizing local content

Reporting on new local media consumer behaviours
Sveriges Radio has investigated the user behaviours in an extensive media report. Old truths are no longer true when in comes to the way people consume media.
Hanna Stjärne, Program Director, Sveriges Radio

11.20 – 11.40 COFFEE

Charging for exclusive content online
In March 2011 an initiative to charge for premium content was implemented at Göteborgs-Posten. The product is called GP+. GP+ consists of feature materials and additional services. Every week they offer unique local advertising deals. We will hear more about the project and what results are showing so far.
Carin Åhrberg, Project Manager & Ingela Jansson, Editor, GP+, Sweden

Advantages & disadvantages with charging for content
What content should be free and what should be charged for on local news sites and apps? Does the distribution channel determine the cost of content? Currently, Dagbladet finds that the conversion rates on iPad for paid subscriptions are low, at the same time as publishing on tablets and mobile devices are costly and involves a lot of manual work. The way forward is not just to look at cost of the content, but also to implement scalable automated solutions.
Erik Saastad, Mobile Channel Manager at Dagbladet, Norway

12.50 - 14.00 LUNCH

Session 2: Local media on iPad and tablets

Publishing on iPad – different strategies for different markets
A number of news sites are publishing news on iPad and there are many strategies to choose from. We will be given Nordic and international case studies and look at what really can be done.
Peo Strindlund, Head of Sales, Moving media+, Sweden

Nordlys charge for their iPad app
Nordlys was the second newspaper in Norway to be launched on iPad when it came out in December 2010. In addition to providing the same content as the paper, readers are offered a range of services and exclusive content in the application which Nordlys can charge for.
Anders Opdahl, Editor, Nordlys, Norway

15. 15 – 15.45 COFFEE

Creating a tablet-only newspaper at Hufvudstadsbladet
Hufvudstadsbladet has started practical experiments with user surveys with the aim to release all content of their regular newspaper on an open platform tablet in the archipelago of Åland. We will hear more about the findings and the business case for removing the printed paper in expensive distribution areas.
Lotta Holm, Project Manager, Hufvudstadsbladet, Finland

Nordjyske gives out iPads to students
Nordjyske Media will explore media habits for iPad. They have started collaborating with Aalborg University where they lend iPads to students with the intention to gather information on how and when iPad is used in everyday life. We will hear more about the findings.
Carsten Worsø, Cross Media Manager, Nordjyske Media, Denmark

Consumer opinions, market forecasts and advertisers’ expectations on iPad
TNS Gallup has conducted a study on the iPad market consisting of three different parts: consumer opinions, market forecasts, advertisers’ expectations and user tests. They have also started measuring the usage of iPad readership with similar methods typically used in online audience measurement (e.g. KIA index).
Seppo Roponen, Business Unit Director, TNS Gallup, Finland

17.00 End of day 1 followed by networking get-together in the lobby



Session 3: Commercial opportunities with local audiences

09.00 Welcome back

Tablets as advertising channel
Today, there are a few difficulties with advertising on tablets – there are no standards, the cost of developing ads are high and it is difficult to measure the effect of advertising (engagement or number of unique users). We will hear what media agencies and the advertisers think about tablet advertising.
Emma Cedell, Director Digital Development, Mindshare, Sweden

Panel discussion: Can we charge for content on tablets while keeping it free online?
What strategies are there on charging for content online?We will get to the bottom of these and more questions together with Harry Gerd at Strömstads Tidning who is successfully is charging for news online, Erik Saastad at Dagbladet who believes in better automated processes for tablet publishing, and Lotta Holm at HBL who has thoroughly investigated giving up the printed paper for a tablet only paper in costly distribution areas.
Moderator: Niklas Jonason, Managing Director, Citygate; Harry Gerd, Strömstads Tidning; Lotta Holm, HBL; Erik Saastad, Dagbladet.

10.00 – 10.30 COFFE

Targeted local content delivery with semantic profiling
How do you leverage opportunities on a local market? The local newspaper Huittisten Sanomalehti Oy is developing a targeted local/hyperlocal service that involves local companies and users to produce service content and improve targeted local content delivery in the city of Huittinen, in Finland. The semantic profiling of users will be applied for targeting of the services.
Jyri Korenius Huittisten Sanomalehti Oy, Finland

Hyperlocal content and e-commerce
Where is the business case in hyperlocal content and e-commerce? How can a small newspapers sell ads on the web? Alma Media's newspapers are exploiting several different solutions, with which local e-commerce for small customers is successful. Some of the successes include: advertising carousel, local service, and campaign websites for local advertisers, sold blogs and daily offers. 
Mika Peura, Director of Digital Media, Alma Media / Local Newspapers

12.00 – 13.00 LUNCH

Ekstra Bladet & eBay - an alliance for an efficient and competitive network
Ekstra Bladet and eBay have launched a partnership where eBay use user data from the Blue Avis, Bilbasen and Ekstra Bladet to target ads. Ekstra Bladet and eBay are historically competitors on a local market as Ekstra blader are owners of their own car site, namely and They will tell us more on the business benefits of cooperating.
Peter Strøhemann, Internet Manager at Ekstra Bladet

Keynote: Digital media predictions - the importance of brands!

A lot continues to happen on the scene of mobile, social media and consumers selecting from an endless amount of content available at any time. This presentation looks at how to drive audiences to consume more content and to connect closer to established brands. We will also hear how a media company can embrace change to reach new audiences and evolve without devaluating the core businesses.
Inma Martínez, Associate, OPUS Corporate Finance, & AGORA 9, president of the “European Tech Tour” Association, UK

Attracting the younger audience – creating tablet applications for 0-12 year olds

Launched in 2007, Panfu is a virtual world and a childrens’ social game. Publishers will learn from this presentation how create trust in social networks, how to attract kids, and how to monetise on this target group.
Moritz Hohl, CEO and co-founder of Panfu, Germany


The programme can be subject to change please check back to get the latest updates.


The Nordic Local Media Conference is arranged in collaboration with, Danske Dagblades Forening in Denmark, Mediebedrifternes Landsforening in Norway, Tidningarnas Förbund in Finland and TU in Sweden. If you are a member of either of these organisations – you are entitled the member rate at this event.


Nordic Local Media Conference takes place at The Courtyard by Marriott Stockholm on Rålambshovsleden 50 · Stockholm, 112 19 Stockholm.

Participants of the event are entitled to discounted rates, if booking  through the following link: The rate is valid until 15 May.



  • Anders Opdahl
    Editor-in-chief, Bladet Nordlys, Norway
  • Carsten Worsø
    Cross Media Manager, Nordjyske Media, Denmark
  • Harry Gerd
    Digital Manager, Strömstads tidning, Sweden
  • Seppo Roponen
    Business Unit Director, TNS Gallup, Finland
  • Lotta Holm
    Project Leader, HBL, Finland
  • Ingela Jansson
    Editor, GP+, Sweden
  • Hanna Stjärne
    Programme Director, Swedish Radio, Sweden
  • Peo Strindlund
    Head of Sales, Moving Media+
  • Emma Cedell
    Director Digital Development, Mindshare, Sweden
  • Jyri Korenius
    CEO, Huittisten, Sanomalehti Oy, Finland
  • Mika Peura
    Director of Digital Media, Alma Media
  • Moritz Hohl
    CEO, Young Internet GmbH / Founder, Panfu, Germany
  • Peter Strøhemann
    Internet Manager at Ekstra Bladet
  • Serge Taborin
    Serge Taborin
    Group Business Development director, Archant Ltd, UK
  • Erik Saastad
    Mobile Channel Manager, Dagbladet, Norway
  • Carin Åhrberg
    Project Manager, GP+, Sweden

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