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Leadership Skills Enhancement for Editors



Leadership Skills Enhancement for Editors

Date and Location

  • 22 Aug 2016 - 23 Aug 2016

Sub title

A workshop with a focus on Increase Employee Engagement

Introduction to Event


We are living in difficult times for publishing houses around the globe.  Constant change and uncertainty in newsrooms make it hard for editors to motivate their teams and nurture innovative practices.  Changing generational differences make team dynamics more complicated.

This two-day program looks at key leadership issues that editors face at a deeper level.  Participants will explore motivation and techniques to increase workplace engagement, a key issue in today’s leadership literature. 

They will learn about talent management and how they can influence the development of staff while also building an innovative team environment where creativity flourishes in the day-to-day grind.  And they will explore how to thrive in a world of competing priorities.

Course Outline

  • Apply leadership techniques to newsroom management that improve workplace engagement
  • Use the 5 principles model of communication to provide feedback to journalists
  • Build an innovation culture within your editorial team following the ICE Creativity model
  • Create a basic talent management plan for reporters that links to editorial priorities
  • Manage competing newsroom and leadership priorities in the complex and demanding environment of today’s workplace

Leadership Skills Enhancement for Editors

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