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Digital Media Europe 2011


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Digital Media Europe


Digital Media Europe 2011

Date and Location

  • 11 Apr 2011 - 13 Apr 2011
    United Kingdom


Cancellation is possible in writing and will be accepted up to 2 weeks before the event. A non-refundable handling fee of 10% will become due in this case. We regret that we will be compelled to retain the full participation fee for cancellations after this time.

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  • Atex will be discussing and showcasing how it can support media companies to manage their operations more efficiently, helping them to transition to new delivery models, increase speed to market, and remove costs from their operations. Atex also enables publishers to deliver the latest news and advertising content across multiple channels quickly and easily. Atex technologies support the transition to a web-first business models, thereby improving time-to-market for news, opening up new revenue generating opportunities, and increasing the value of their media franchises. Furthermore, Atex helps publishers attract advertisers by providing best-in-class systems for delivering ads across multiple channels, targeted to contextually relevant buying audiences, and helping to optimize profit margins. In addition to individual demonstrations of market leading content, digital asset management, advertising and subscription management offerings, Atex will be showcasing its OneView Framework to show how these technologies can come together with Polopoly, the leading web content management system. The presentations will include stories, blogs, RSS feeds, surveys, comments, and user-generated content, and community features, as well as integrated ad management, internet ad booking, mobile and video content.

    Clipsource Market is a network of media companies sharing breaking news videos, produced by themselves or sourced from their viewers and readers.


    NewspaperDirect delivers the world's publications to millions of readers the way they want to receive them — in print, online, on their mobile device, eReader or tablet — wherever they live, travel, work or play. Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, NewspaperDirect’s proprietary technology is the foundation behind its highly acclaimed multi-platform global distribution services: and its privately branded ePaper solution, SmartEdition, its offline reading application, PressReader, and Print-On-Demand. With its zero operational-cost business model, more than 1,600 publishers from 92 countries look to NewspaperDirect to increase their audited circulation while successfully accessing new and exciting revenue streams. Meanwhile, NewspaperDirect’s innovative digital publishing technology helps publishers better serve the needs of their readers by immediately delivering an immersive reading experience to the world’s most popular devices, including the iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, Amazon Kindle, and Sony Reader to name a few, as well as on the most highly anticipated platforms waiting to hit the market.

    From publication editor to multimedia company with no increment of costs. Newspaper groups are achieving this transformation thanks to the all-round, advanced software platform MILENIUM Cross Media and its open and modular design which permits each company to define its own change timing. Planning, management, creation and production of multimedia products are broadcast by a diverse range of channels and devices (web, paper, tables, ePaper, smartphones…) carried out within an integrated newsroom and production workflow. A single cross media editor for journalists; integration and automation in all processes and areas avoid task duplication and time wasting; a global vision of the business to coordinate teamwork in all departments, all this leading to a significant rise in productivity and efficiency and in an integral management of the company. MCM covers and unites the most important areas in all their aspects: Advertising, Editorial Planning, Convergent integrated Newsroom, management and online sales of Editorial Assets, Digital and Printed Subscriptions, Analysis of Circulation and Business Intelligence and statistical consumer analysis. Due to this expertise, Protecmedia is present in 18 countries.

    Utilizing the Extended Content Distribution capabilities of the SAXOTECH Mediaware Center and SAXOTECH Online, publishers can create content once and not only distribute to print and web, but also to multiple digital channels and new mobile devices including the Apple iPhone and iPad, Amazon Kindle and Sony Reader as well as other tablets and smart phones. These extended capabilities not only save much needed time and resources but also allow media companies to reach new audiences that they were never before able to capture.

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