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Digital Media Europe 2011

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  • 11 Apr 2011 - 13 Apr 2011
    United Kingdom


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  • Solid growth as digital media come into their own

    The rise of Groupon is just another example of how quickly new business models emerge and expand in the digital world. The publishing industry needs to react fast as new ideas can mean incremental new revenue sources. Join Digital Trend Day to learn how media companies address advertiser needs through state-of-the-art digital portfolios.


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    9.30 New business outlook 2011 – key driving trends
    Stig Nordqvist, Executive Director, Emerging Digital Platforms and Business Development, WAN-IFRA, Germany

    In 2011, publishers need to focus on the business of social media, video on digital platforms and how they move from a one website strategy to one based on a digital portfolio of activities.

    Keynote: Invest in audience and revenue growth can follow
    Kevin Beatty, CEO of A&N Media, MD Associated Newspapers A&N, UK

    Associated Newspapers is behind one of the most extraordinary online successes of the last years – MailOnline, the Daily Mail web site. Kevin Beatty explains how the group will grow its digital revenues beyond this accomplishment, playing all the good cards they now have on their hand.

    Keynote: Ringier – active strategies for digital innovation
    Christian Unger, CEO, Ringier, Switzerland

    Having spent the better part of his career managing pure digital companies, Christian Unger is not the typical CEO of a traditional publisher. His rich and diverse experience is today used to develop business in one of Europe’s largest and most respected publishing companies – Swiss Ringier.

    11.15 - 11.45 Coffee break

    Tickles: Archant’s challenge on Groupon
    Serge Taborin, Group Business Development Director, Archant, UK

    The UK regional media group Archant is a master at identifying and implementing digital revenue opportunities. A recent showcase is Tickles, a local web site for group purchasing (Groupon-style) that opens a huge sales potential for Archant’s local ad teams.

    Young Internet - A multi-platform strategy for pandas and their friends
    Moritz Hohl, CEO and co-founder of Panfu, Germany

    Berlin continues to be a hotbed of virtual world companies such as Panfu. Launched in 2007, it is a virtual world for children aged between 6 and 13. Moritz Hohl is a specialist on multi-platform strategy for childrens’ social games. But there is more for publishers to learn from Panfu about creating trust in social networks, how to attract kids, and how to monetise.

    13.00 - 14.00 Lunch sponsored by


    In practice: maximise reach and revenue on mobile platforms and web TV
    Anders Emil Møller, Director of Digital Development, JP/Politikens Hus, Denmark

    JP/Politiken is the strongest Danish media brand. Building on a dominant presence in the print market, JP/Politiken has turned itself into a digital powerhouse. With an unmatched position on the web JP/Politiken has recently fuelled its digital ambitions with aggressive growth strategies for mobile content, web TV and digital loyalty programmes. Learn how JP/Politiken is mastering a two-tier strategy, making print titles even more profitable and creating profitable growth on the digital market.

    Yelp – the Web 2.0 reinvention of the Yellow Pages
    Dave Scheine, Director of European Operations,, UK

    Yelp (the name is a contracted version of Yellow Pages and the business model is similar) is social media at its best – letting users search for and review local businesses in all possible categories (and using a reward system to further motivate the creation of reviews). Yelp is very popular in U.S., and is currently expanding in Europe.

     Social extends to the domain of job classifieds
    Guillaume Semblat, General Manager, Regions Job, France

    Despite the fact that its shareholders are newspapers, French recruitment site Regions Job has always acted as a “pure player” in the area of online jobs classifieds. This strategy gives the company freedom to manoeuvre against international market leaders and the growing ambitions of social networks.

    16.15 - 16.45 Coffee break

    Saatchi & Saatchi – creating digital success stories
    Marc Huijbregts, Worldwide Digital Director, Saatchi&Saatchi, UK

    Saatchi & Saatchi hired Marc Huijbregts as Worldwide Digital Director, inspired by his extensive experience in the digital arena for 15 years. Marc is responsible for developing and executing a comprehensive strategic plan for the agency's digital proposition and helps the agency’s clients to embrace the full potential and opportunity of digital communication. Key clients he has worked on: P&G, T-mobile, Toyota and Deutsche Bank

    Cash in the sofa
    Morten Holst, Strategy and Business Advisor, VG Multimedia, Norway

    The newspapers' problems coincided with our readers leaving the sofa to read news everywhere else. Yes, we invited them out of the sofa, but now we find ourselves longing for a place in that safe, revenue-loaded spot. VG intend to find its way back to the sofa and the open wallet that seems to thrive amongst the cushions. The way back involves IP-TV, pads, Connected TV and thorough rethinking of what we really offer our customers.

    Wrap-up of Digital Trend Day
    Stig Nordqvist, Executive Director, Emerging Digital Platforms and Business Development, WAN-IFRA, Germany

    18.00 End of Digital Trend Day

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