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Digital Media Asia 2014


Digital Media Asia 2014


Introduction to Exhibition

The industry's top technology and service providers will showcase their latest products and service development and offerings at the foyer info-tables. The following companies are present:


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Info-table 1

 provides Intelligent Search and Content Technologies for the New Media Landscape incorporating Media Asset Management, Semantic Search and Analysis, Media Neutral Content Creation, Multi Channel Production, Archiving for Multi Media Assets and Services!


  We believe in publishing. We deliver solutions to publishers to increase profits and reduce cost. Over 5.000 daily newspapers are produced with our software.

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 is one of the world’s major players in Digital Analytics. Its decision-making solutions and services provide companies with an integral analysis of their performance and presence on all online digital platforms: the web, mobile and social media.

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 software solutions help you organize, manage and monetize content across all digital, broadcast and print marketing channels with one point of access.
With out software development centres in Asia, we are actively engaged with a multitude of customers across Asia Pacific and Europe.

Info-Table 5

  is a global provider of innovative software solutions for the media industry. OneVision software solutions ensure quality, save time and reduce costs in numerous data- and image-intense premedia operations. OneVision's e-media solution, Mirado allows publishers a seamless transition from print to digital media.

Info-Table 6

 Crowdynews is a platform that gathers and filters social media content and posts it in real-time next to topical, popular stories.  The service blends the crowd perspective with traditional news items, and provides publishing organizations with new revenue streams

Info-table 7
 is present in 25 countries with more than 400 customers with its MILENIUM Cross Media solutions. This modular software platform gets the global convergence and efficient workflows to encompass all main processes that newspapers demands: advertising, editorial PrintWebMobile, Audience Management-Segmentation.

 Info-table 8

 is breathing new life into the publishing industry by helping publishers succeed in a digital world. We use audience data and advanced analytics to create hyper-relevant content recommendations, targeted advertising and predictive search that help increase digital revenue for publishers, and provide users with a better experience.

Info-table 9

 creates the most progressive solutions available on the market for the production of print, online and tablet publications. Rapid growth worldwide and success accross the full spectrum of publishers demonstrate that WoodWing markets the best tools for the best price. WoodWing's customers include renowed magazine, newspaper and book publishers, as well as communication agencies and corporate customers.

Info-table 10

  (NASDAQ:BCOV) is a leading global provider of powerful cloud solutions for delivering and monetising video across connected devices. Brightcove has more than 5,500 customers in over 70 countries that rely on our cloud solutions to successfully publish high-quality video experiences to audiences everywhere.

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 is a top tier content delivery network (CDN) offering superior performance and high availability, with powerful cloud-based software that enables organizations to deliver faster websites & more responsive web applications to any device, anywhere in the world. (For more information, read our corporate brochure.)

Date and Location

  • 18 Nov 2014 - 21 Nov 2014

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