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Digital Media Asia 2013



Digital Media Asia 2013

Date and Location

  • 12 Nov 2013 - 14 Nov 2013
    Kuala Lumpur

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Wednesday, 13. November 2013

  • 9:30
    Embracing mobile-first

    Beyond mobile design, this session will present key strategies for re-aligning and re-organizing your newsroom according to mobile-first principles.


    Latest trends in mobile publishing and advertising
    Experts from all industries converge in saying that the future will be mobile, both on emerging and mature markets. What are the leading and emerging technologies to follow? What impact will new devices and consumption trends have on content production and advertising?
    Speaker to be confirmed


    Mobile and the newsroom
    Case study from a mobile savvy traditional news organisation in North America. Strategic guidelines and how to implement them in a conservative newsroom. Clear tactics you can apply immediately to take advantage of shifting consumer reading habits.
    Anjali Kapoor, Director, Digital News Strategy, The Globe & Mail, Canada 


    Increasing reach and revenues through mobile devices
    The Philippines enjoy one of the world's highest mobile penetration.The Philippine Daily Inquirer has developed innovative mobile services and seducing tablet products for increasing its readership and monetization opportunities
    JV Rufino, Director of Mobile, Philippines Daily Inquirer, The Philippines

  • 11:00
    New ways to increase mobile revenue

    Although mobile has huge growth potential, the revenues that news publishers can draw from this channel are still relatively modest. However, there are several proven ways for content producers to optimize their revenues from the mobile channel.


    Ensure a positive user experience
    Is the hype of HTML5 already fading away, or is it on the contrary gaining ground? What are the killer features that can retain users? What are the pitfalls to avoid?
    Graham Hinchly, Engineering Manager for the FT Web App, UK


    How to optimize your e-publishing offerings
    Carefully crafted bundling offers of different media platforms can have a strong impact on conversion rates and subscription revenues.
    Speaker to be confirmed

  • 14:00
    Best practices in tablet publishing

    The first few years of trials with tablet apps have redefined the e-publishing ecosystem, and it will only get better. Learn what steps app innovators are taking to scale their publishing offerings. Find out first-hand about the services you should expand in order to capture new readers and advertising customers.


    Case study from Japan
    Until recently, Japanese publishers were sceptical about tablets and e-newspaper in general. However, in recent months, key publishers have changed their strategy. What were the key factors driving this change?
    Naoki Onodera, Head of Digital Publications Office, Mainichi Shimbun, Japan 


    Case study from Europe
    Publishers on mature markets have learnt how to multipurpose their content for developing attractive suites of mobile products. Long-form multimedia journalism such as the NYT’s Snow Fall is an exciting product that unleashes the full potential of tablet apps. But cheaper and leaner services can also meet great audience success.
    James Cadman, Head of Tablet Editions, Metro, UK

  • 16:00
    The digital advertising revolution

    News media advertising executives will find in this session an essential checklist for creating a powerful and sustainable mobile commercial strategy. How to cope with search engines’ hegemony on digital advertising? Case studies to benchmark your own results.


    The power of advertising alliances
    In several markets, media groups have joined forces to create digital advertising alliances. What are the key factors of success? What are the benefits of the alliance model? How to monitor sales channel conflicts? How to fight data leakage?
    Phalgun Raju, VP & General Manager India, SEA, HK & Taiwan, InMobi, Singapore


    Advanced ad inventory yield management
    The Economist is a digital advertising pioneer. Discover their most innovative techniques for making the most of their digital inventory.
    Audra Martin, VP Advertising, The Economist Digital, UK 


    Selling print media and their digital channels
    How newspaper companies that best perform online structure and train their sales team in order to optimize the different channels in their media portfolio.
    Eamonn Byrne, Business Director, The Byrne Partnership, UK

Contact information



  • Naoki Onodera
    Manager, Digital Publishing Office, Publishing Division, The Mainichi Newspapers, Japan
  • Graham Hinchly
    Engineering Manager FT Labs, FT, UK
  • James Cadman
    Head of Tablet Editions, Metro, UK
  • sue brooks
    Sue Brooks
    Director of Video Transformation, Associated Press
  • Kien M. Lee
    Founder and Managing Director, SENATUS.NET, Singapore
  • Warren Fernandez
    Editor, The Straits Times, Singapore Press Holdings
  • Maria Ronson
    Vice President of Sales for Asia, Associated Press, Hong Kong
  • Eamonn Byrne, Business Director, The Byrne Partnership Ltd, UK
    Eamonn Byrne
    Business Director, The Byrne Partnership Ltd, UK
  • Joachim Schmaltz
    Vice President Asia, Reuters Media, Hong Kong
  • Mal Dale
    General Manager, The Readership Works, Australia
  • Philip Golingai
    Editor, The Star Online, Malaysia
  • Dan Sloan
    Editor-in-Chief, Nissan Global Media Center, Nissan Motor Co., Yokohama
  • Cheryl Goh
    Regional Marketing Vice President, GrabTaxi, Malaysia
  • Phalgun Raju
    Vice President & General Manager of the Japan, Asia Pacific Brand Business, InMobi, Singapore
  • Christina Lo Man Ki
    Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Apple Daily, Hong Kong
  • Todd Forest
    Executive Producer Asia Pacific, Microsoft Online Media and Publishing, Singapore
  • Anjali Kapoor
    Director, Digital News Strategy, The Globe and Mail, Canada
  • Andrew Holden, Editor-in-Chief, The Age, Australia
    Andrew Holden
    Editor-in-Chief, The Age, Australia
  • Audra Martin, Vicepresident, Advertising and Operations, Economist Digital
    Audra Martin
    Vicepresident, Advertising and Operations, Economist Digital, UK
  • Cheryl Cheng
    General Manager, PHD, Malaysia
  • Vincent Camara
    Regional Director APAC,, Singapore
  • Parin Mehta
    Strategic Partner Lead, Google
  • Geoff Tan
    Senior Vice President, Head - Strategic Marketing, Singapore Press Holdings, Singapore
  • Alan Soon
    Head of Audience & Managing Editor, Southeast Asia, Yahoo!
  • Grig Davidovitz
    CEO, RGB Media Inc, Israel
  • Thomas Jacob
  • Sachin Gopalan
    CEO, Berita Satu Media Holdings, Indonesia
  • Adam Najberg
    Asia Digital Editor, The Wall Street Journal, HongKong
  • Byron Perry
    Founder and Managing Director, Coconuts Media, Thailand

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