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Attracting millennials



Attracting millennials

Date and Location

  • 16 Nov 2016 - 17 Nov 2016

Introduction to Event

Attracting young readers / Increasing readership is one of the main challenges that all publications are facing right now. Readers play a more important role even after efforts are on to increase circulation on one side. Newspapers have tremendous opportunities to grow readership through improvements in content, brand, service and culture.

This workshop will look at projects, insights, attitudes and examples in order to create knowledge, opportunities and tools to engage and increase readership of publications which will attract more advertisers. Newspaper now have to adapt to the changes in the demographics and reader habits.
The emphasis of the event is understanding ‘Reader Behavior’. The event focuses on taking advantage of the opportunities and acquiring a deeper understanding of ‘Readership’.

Note: Please bring as many (different) copies of your publication so that the workshop leader can study your publications and offer customised solutions. The same programme content is also offered as in house workshop for publishers.

Attracting millennials

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