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64th World Newspaper Congress - 19th World Editors Forum


Kiev 2012, 2-5 September 2012


64th World Newspaper Congress - 19th World Editors Forum

Date and Location

  • 02 Sep 2012 - 05 Sep 2012


EUR 1,190 + VAT

EUR 1,890 + VAT

Online registration is closed. Please register on-site in Kiev.

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Sunday, 2. September 2012

  • 17:00
    Intercontinental Hotel

    The General Assembly of Members is a yearly occasion with the opportunity for members to contribute to the core decision making process. This includes ratification of the annual accounts, the election of office bearer and new members to the WAN-IFRA Board, discussion and agreements on the changes of the current statutes, as well as major strategies for the coming year. Members with a right to vote are: National Associations, Publishers and News Agencies.

  • 17:30
    Intercontinental Hotel

    The Annual General Meeting of members of the World Editors Forum is an opportunity for members and conference goers to participate in the conversation around future strategies and activites. Paid-up WEF members are entitled to vote on the previous meeting’s minutes, the WEF activity report and election of new Board members.

  • 19:30
    Social events
    National Sanctuary 'Sophia of Kiev’, Vladimirskaya Street 24

    Informal Get-together with the participants and speakers

Monday, 3. September 2012

  • 8:00
    International Centre for Culture and Arts (October Palace), Institutskaya Street 1

  • 9:30
    International Centre for Culture and Arts (October Palace), Institutskaya Street 1


  • 10:00
    International Centre for Culture and Arts (October Palace), Institutskaya Street 1
    • Welcome words by Boris Lozhkin, Jacob Mathew and Viktor Yanukovych
    • Opening show with Ukrainian dancers, singers and artists
    • 2012 Press Freedom Film
    • Spotlight on Press Freedom
    • Presentation of the 2012 Golden Pen of Press Freedom by Erik Bjerager

    Ukrainian journalist, model and TV presenter for the morning show, Pidyom! (Wake-up!)

    Former WAN-IFRA President, India

    President of Ukraine

    Second Vice President World Editors Forum, Editor-in-Chief and Managing Director, Kristeligt Dagblad, Denmark

    Mexican journalist, writer and the 2012 laureate of the WAN-IFRA Golden Pen of Freedom

  • 12:00
    International Centre for Culture and Arts (October Palace), Institutskaya Street 1

    We heard you loud and clear – you want more time to network at the Newspaper Congress! We have organised a unique and creative space for genuine networking to enable you to share ideas on how you can shape the future of the newspaper. Please join us in an informal setting over lunch to discuss the future of publishing or engage with WAN-IFRA experts in our theme-based networking pods:

    • Press Freedom & Media Development and Young Readers – Meet publishers and editors from emerging markets and see how your newspaper can be involved in press freedom issues and sustainable independent press.  Learn which newspapers are involved in media literacy and developing young readers.
    • World Editors Forum – What are the big issues for editors that should shape the future of the World Editors Forum?
    • Spotlight on Eastern Europe – Mingle and network with colleagues from your region, explore different solutions for shared challenges
  • 14:00
    International Centre for Culture and Arts (October Palace), Institutskaya Street 1

    Secretary General, WAN-IFRA, France

  • 14:30
    International Centre for Culture and Arts (October Palace), Institutskaya Street 1

    From publishers in India who can’t get their hands on enough newsprint to publishers in the United States who can’t digitise fast enough, senior executives from Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Latin and North America will take you on a tour around the world presenting the latest trends in their regions.

    President, WAN-IFRA, Sweden

    CEO, Rede Gazeta, Brazil

    Senior Vice President & Deputy Head of Strategy, News Corp, USA

    Deputy Executive Chairman, Mail & Guardian, South Africa

    CEO, Media 3, Russia

  • 16:00
    Keynote: Greg Hywood, Fairfax Media Limited, Australia
    International Centre for Culture and Arts (October Palace), Institutskaya Street 1

    Chief Executive and Managing Director, Fairfax Media Limited, Australia

  • 16:20
    International Centre for Culture and Arts (October Palace), Institutskaya Street 1

    These are exciting times for newspapers, with new business models, new technology and new forms of journalism developing rapidly. In this ever-changing environment, newspapers and media houses around the globe have been searching for strategies and have developed a wealth of innovative ideas and successful approaches. This session brings together the winners who are shaping the future of our industry.

    Chief Editor, Kyiv Post, Ukraine

    Vice Chairman, The New York Times Company and former Publisher of the IHT, USA

    Executive Director, The Namibian

    Photojournalist, Hordaland, Norway

  • 17:10
    Keynote: Miguel Forbes, President of Television and Licensing, Forbes, USA
    International Centre for Culture and Arts (October Palace), Institutskaya Street 1

    President of Television and Licensing, Forbes, USA

  • 18:30
    Social events
    Krasnoznamenaya 1, Pirogovo

    Discuss the topics of the first Congress day and network with colleagues from all over the world in an inspiring atmosphere. Together we visit the open-air museum – over 300 pieces of traditional Ukrainian folk buildings. They are gathered in a collection of villages, each depicting a different region of Ukraine. Its thematic exhibits are situated on the outskirts of Kiev (Pirogovo) and depict Ukrainian nature, architecture and the way of life.

    You will be invited to feel traditional Ukrainian spirit:

    • Traditional Ukrainian Cuisine.
    • Traditional folk ensembles, ensemble of antique Ukrainian instruments, “Bottlefon”.

Tuesday, 4. September 2012





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  • 9:30
    64th World Newspaper Congress
    Ukrainian House, Khreschatyk Street 2

    Leadership will play a major role in the future development of the newspaper industry. We are already witnessing the change to digital domination, and re-establishing confidence and ensuring future success will require strong and supportive leadership. This session provides attendees with the ability to create strategies that will survive the current innovations in technology and lead new news organizations effectively through new terrain.


    • Managing the complexity of the new news organization
    • Enterprise 2.0 – creating structures to survive and thrive the rapid pace of change
    • Putting innovative thinking at the center of the organization

    Senior Design and Innovation Anthropologist, Steria AS, Norway

    Executive Director and CEO of International Newsmedia Marketing Association (INMA), USA

    President & Publisher Metro English Canada

    Publisher, Democratic Press S.A., Greece

    Vice Chairman, 24 Media, Greece

    Founder, Banner Corporation, UK

  • 9:30
    19th World Editors Forum
    Ukrainian House, Khreschatyk Street 2

    Interactive digital tools are allowing journalists to break news and connect with readers with unprecedented speed and frequency. At the other end of the spectrum, there is a revival in interest in long-form storytelling. Both use creative but widely different tools and techniques. Will this two-speed recipe deliver readers, distinctive content and, ultimately, investment back into newsrooms? We showcase examples of integrated storytelling by some of the world’s master storytellers.


    • How are the best craftspeople reporting across multiple channels?
    • Are newspapers converging into news agencies, magazines and broadcasters?
    • Crowdsourcing, twitter, facebook and BBM are part of the 1st world journalist’s tools - but what works in less sophisticated environments?
    • Lessons on taking your print edition to tablet

    Take home: inspiration, strategies and techniques from the world’s best to help
    your two-speed storytelling across all platforms

    SHOWCASE: Best multimedia coverage of the Olympics by Adonis Durado

    CEO, Interactive Institute Swedish ICT, Sweden (Moderator)

    Features writer, the Guardian, UK

    Design Director, Bonnier Business Press (BBP), Poland

    Design Director, Muscat Press and Publishing House, Oman

  • 11:30
    64th World Newspaper Congress
    Ukrainian House, Khreschatyk Street 2

    Creating and distributing high quality news costs money. The traditional newspaper model of news, funded by advertising is shaking. Are government subsidies an alternative? Is going the not-for-profit route a viable option? The media industry is evolving and so are the business models. Innovative publishers are looking for new revenue streams and pricing strategies. Once financial stability is secured, newspapers can focus on their main goal: Delivering high quality content.


    • Identifying a growth path and new ways of pursuing revenue
    • Investments and acquisitions – how to deal with start-ups
    • Can a traditional newspaper give birth to new technologies?
    • Pricing and packaging

    Consulting Editor, Ukrainian Media Holding (UMH), Ukraine

    Senior Vice President, Head - Strategic Marketing, Singapore Press Holdings, Singapore

    Member of the Board and Founder, Vocatus AG, Germany

    Vice President, Grupo RBS, Brasilien

    Head of Merger & Acquisition, Schibsted, Norway

    Chief Digital Officer, KURIER, Austria

  • 11:30
    19th World Editors Forum
    Ukrainian House, Khreschatyk Street 2

    Running a truly integrated and cost-effective editorial operation is a challenge. We investigate the latest trends, including the fast-slow newsroom model of Sweden’s Svenska Dagbladet that the FT and Guardian are now adopting as a way of managing costs. We explore the best way to deliver video that advertisers want to support and ask what’s next? How do we integrate content and technology teams to create compelling experiences for audience and increase engagement and loyalty?


    • The two-speed newsroom
    • Making video work - affordably
    • Creating true ‘digital-first’ workflows
    • Editorial teams: what skills do you need to deliver stories through words, data, graphics, photos and video
    • Changing mindsets
    • Getting help from news agencies

    Take home: tips and lessons from pioneering newspapers using video, ideas on new roles and efficient newsroom organisation.

    SHOWCASE: "Biggest, most modern, coolest, weirdest newsrooms" - by Juan Seňor

    Partner, Innovation International Media Consulting Group, UK

    Senior Vice President & Deputy Head of Strategy, News Corp, USA

    Dean of Media and Communications, Temple University, Philadelphia, USA

    Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Svenska Dagbladet, Sweden

  • 13:00
    Ukrainian House, Khreschatyk Street 2, WAN-IFRA booth

    Meet fellow tweeps and expand your Twitter network. We meet during the lunch break at the WAN-IFRA booth for an informal Get-together.

    Event hashtags are #wnc12 #wef12.

  • 13:00
    Ukrainian House, Khreschatyk Street 2

    Commercial Manager, Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), Ukraine

  • 13:00
    Ukrainian House, 2 Khreschatyk Street

    Professor Media & Civil Society, Windesheim University of Applied Science, Netherlands

    Head of programmes and projects, "Modern Education" division, Rinat Akhmetov Foundation "Development of Ukraine", Ukraine

  • 14:00
    64th World Newspaper Congress
    Ukrainian House, Khreschatyk Street 2

    The new definition of success is audience growth. Effective publishers understand the necessity of listening to the market, embracing dialogue with their audiences, using social media and believing in the wisdom of the crowds. A new generation of marketers is now emerging, one that looks deeper into audiences, well beyond what circulation and visitor figures alone provide.


    • Being more relevant to readers and advertisers
    • Taking full advantage of audience clusters and diversification
    • Embracing engagement with great social media and sharing opportunities that can grow audience
    • Understanding consumer behaviour

    CEO, Toronto Star, Canada

    Head of Audience Insight & Analytics, DowJones, USA

    Editor of Foreign & Information Department, Den, Ukrainian Press Group, Ukraine

    Business Development Director, comScore, Russia

    Independant Consultant

  • 14:00
    19th World Editors Forum
    Ukrainian House, Khreschatyk Street 2

    In a world where more and more news sources are provided by blogs and social media, mainstream news outlets have to work harder to maintain their authority, particularly when scandals hit. How can professional journalists and their publications distinguish themselves as accurate and objective sources of information and regain the trust of their readers? Do we need to rethink ethical codes? Is serious journalism now a rare and niche commodity?


    • The role of tabloids after Murdoch
    • The importance of ethics codes
    • Dealing with outside sources
    • Protecting sources and the use of sources’ identity in conflict situations
    • Relating to readers
    • Importance of transparency

    Take home: clarity and insight on how to best practise and how to promote the distinctive nature of your content

    SHOWCASE: Digital First: but have you got the rights?

    by Andrew Moger

    Director for Freedom of Expression and Media Development, UNESCO, Paris, France

    Editor-in-Chief, Komsomolskaya Pravda, Ukraine

    President, Organization of News Ombudsmen Readers’ Editor, The Observer, UK

    Executive Director, News Media Coalition, UK

  • 16:00
    64th World Newspaper Congress
    Ukrainian House, Khreschatyk Street 2

    Despite enormous digital growth, print remains the primary revenue source for newspaper publishers, but with minor or no growth in most developed markets. Thus, abandoning print is not an alternative, and we need to protect and try to grow it. We’ll take a deeper look into the best print strategies, from extreme markets such as India and North America. What are the consumer needs for print - mass or niche product? What is the importance of print for advertisers?


    • What newspapers can learn from magazines
    • New print revenue streams
    • Panel discussion: The future of print
    • Augmented reality: Extending print into digital presented by Layar, Netherlands

    Business Director, The Byrne Partnership Ltd, UK

    CEO, DIE ZEIT, Germany

    CEO, The Times of India, India

    Co-Founder and Business Development Director of Layar, The Netherlands

  • 16:00
    19th World Editors Forum
    Ukrainian House, Khreschatyk Street 2

    Social media provide unprecedented opportunities to engage with readers, as well as to attract new ones. Can journalists take full advantage of what it can offer and truly integrate its use into their reporting? How to keep interest in your frontpage and avoid being bypassed by Facebook and Twitter? How do you capitalise on your social media audience?



    • How to integrate social media into every step of the reporting process
    • Risks of newslinks and moving discussions onto an outside platform
    • Engagement outside of social media, real-life efforts


    Take home: ideas and tools to draw your audience closer and use social media to your advantage

    SHOWCASE: Integrating video into your newsroom by Mark Little

    Business Development Consultant, Latin America, ppi Media US, Chile

    Head of Social Media, Al Jazeera Media Network, Qatar

    Founder and Director,, Spain

    Director of Product Management – Engagement, The New York Times, USA

    Founder and CEO, Storyful, UK

  • 19:30
    Social events
    Lavrska Street 10-12

    Glamourous networking event in the breath taking atmosphere of an Art museum

    More information about Mystetskyi Arsenal

Wednesday, 5. September 2012

  • 8:30
    Ukrainian House, 2 Khreschatyk Street

    Chaired by Tim Wall, Editor-in-Chief, The Moscow News, Russia

  • 9:30
    Parallel with Lessons from emerging markets
    Ukrainian House, Khreschatyk Street 2

    Digital innovation is transforming all aspects of newspapers. But is the investment paying off for early adopters? In a multifaceted session, we look at the latest developments and opportunities in digital subscriptions, tablets, mobile and video. Market leaders will share their experiences and lessons learned, and we’ll feature some of the industry's best paid-for apps.


    • Monetising digital: Paywalls, subscriptions and more
    • How to rapidly develop products and evaluate success or failure
    • The new opportunities with mobile: smartphones and tablets

    CEO, SUP, Russia

    Founder and MD Institute for Media Strategies, U.K. and Austria

    Consultant and Vice President, INMA

    General Manager, Publish Lab AS, Norway

    Head of Public Relations, Axel Springer, Germany

    Senior Editor-in-Chief, Helsingin Sanomat, Finland

    Head of Technology, The Times & The Sunday Times, UK

    Managing Director, VG Mobile, Norway

  • 9:30
    Parallel with Digital Compass Session
    Ukrainian House, Khreschatyk Street 2

    News organisations from mature markets can often learn from experiences in developing countries

    Adjunct Associate Professor of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University, USA

    Editor-in-Chief and General Director, Komsomolskaya Pravda, Russia

    CEO, The Star Publications, Kenya

    Founder and Director, La Silla Vacía, Colombia

  • 10:45
    Parallel with Digital Compass Session
    Ukrainian House, Khreschatyk Street 2, parallel with Digital Compass Session

    No matter what our eventual economic model, newspapers must pay serious attention to youth or our organizations will die. The good news is that we'll give you some actions at this session that you can start the day after you get home that will, already, make a difference.

    Managing Director, Moi Rayon, Russia

  • 12:00
    Ukrainian House, Khreschatyk Street 2

    65th World Newspaper Congress - 20th World Editors Forum

  • 12:15
    Ukrainian House, Khreschatyk Street 2

    The annual presentation of the Innovations in Newspapers World Report, prepared for WAN-IFRA by the team from Innovation Media Consulting, is always one of the highlights of the Congress and Editors Forum. Innovation’s report focuses on news organisations who are leading the industry forward, and, as always, the presentation will be illustrated with case studies from all over the world.

    Partner, Innovation International Media Consulting Group, UK

    Director and Consultant, Innovation International Media Consulting Group, UK

  • 14:00
    Ukrainian House, Khreschatyk Street 2

    Sponsors of Discussion


    With the economy getting healthier, advertising and media markets as a whole are becoming bigger and better again. But it is still far below the average in comparison with European figures.

    On other hand, audiences here, as everywhere in the world, are going to the web, but the rate is several times lower.

    And, of course, media here are often considered as a coin which can be used for political issues, for influence and for fighting against someone or something.

    So the market potential is very high. How to gain from it? What are the main secrets of the former Soviet countries' markets? How to profit with information flows getting faster and bigger?


    - Media business as a business: Sustainability in CIS countries

    - Audience trends: How to win their attention

    Deputy Publisher, New Media Projects Director, Russia Beyond The Healines published by Rossiyskaya Gazeta

    Head of UMH MediaLab, ex-CEO of Segodnya Multimedia, ex-President of UAPP, Ukraine

    Director of External Relations and Communications Group DF International and Vice-President of the Federation of Employers of Ukraine, Ukraine

    General Director, Argumenti i Fakti Publishing House, Russia

    Dirеctоr of Mеdiа Вusinеss Dеvеlopmеnt SCM, head of supervisory board of Segodnya Multimedia PJSC, Ukraine

    Executive director Institute of Mass Information, Ukraine

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