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    Every year WAN-IFRA organises several Study Tours - weeklong excursions into the world's top media companies to get an in-depth look at their operations and see first-hand how they are meeting today's challenges and delivering news and advertising across platforms.
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"Any investment in knowledge always pays the best interest," said Benjamin Franklin. With this as the motto and to encourage training of human resource in newspaper publishing houses, WAN-IFRA carefully plans events in critical areas of newspaper operations. Topics cover everything from newspaper production to new media management.

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  • An important objective of WAN-IFRA is to support the supply industry and bring it into contact with the decision-makers in the publishing world. Get in touch with the international news publishing community!
  • Internet visitors to special blogs designed and operated by the WAN-IFRA Magazine team can share valuable information exchanges live during selected WAN-IFRA events.
  • Please check here for presentations, summaries, videos etc. of previous events.



For questions concerning WAN-IFRA Conferences, Study Tours, Workshops and Trainings worldwide, please contact a team member.

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