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As a close link to the industry, and as the link between WAN-IFRA's current work and the Board, the WAN-IFRA committees of members participate in the continuous development of the association. The committees are dedicated to supporting and advising WAN-IFRA in its activities in areas such as research, events, trainings and standardisation and thus participating in shaping the future of our industry. Some of the committees are open for applications from member companies that want to assume a more active role within its membership. Other committee seats are assigned by the WAN-IFRA Board. WAN-IFRA currently maintains the following committees of members to support the work of the Association:

Regional Committees

Asia Pacific Committee (APC), Chair: Pichai Chuensuksawadi

Latin American Committee (LATAM), Chair: Gastón Roitberg

Middle East Committee (MEC), Chair: Saleh Alhumaidan

South Asian Committee (SAC), Chair: K Balaji

Global Affairs Commitees

Committee of Directors of WAN-IFRA Member Associations, Chair: Margaret Boribon

Press Freedom and Media Development Board, Chair: Tomas Brunegård

World Editors Forum Board, President: Erik Bjerager

World Printers Forum Board, Chair: Kasturi Balaji

World Young Reader Committee, Chair: Scott C. Schurz