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The Printers (Mysore) in India: Production continues uninterrupted throughout changeover to new-generation technology

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The Printers (Mysore) in India: Production continues uninterrupted throughout changeover to new-generation technology

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22.03.2018 – Media company The Printers (Mysore) Pvt. Ltd. publishes the Prajavani daily newspaper in Bangalore, the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka, as well as the Deccan Herald, one of the largest English-language daily newspapers on the subcontinent. Following positive experiences accumulated over the past 19 years, the company’s new mailroom technology was again implemented in partnership with Ferag.

The success of the South Indian media company comes down not least to the modern technology used in every stage of production. Whether it was notebook computers for correspondents or bringing colour into the daily newspaper – The Printers (Mysore) has for decades been a technology trendsetter in India. Flanking the company’s 1997 investment in a KBA Colora printing press at Bangalore was a mailroom refit incorporating a TTR paced conveyor and ABL stacking technology. A UTR Universal Conveyor and two HPS High Performance Stackers with AVN Automatic Wrapping System and JobStrap N-RT were ordered last year as a replacement investment.

Trouble-free transition
The Prajavani daily newspaper – published in the local language, Kannada – has a circulation in excess of 520,000 copies produced at seven printing locations. Upwards of 280,000 copies of the Deccan Herald are printed daily. The Bangalore printing plant currently produces part editions of the two broadsheet newspapers to the tune of 140,000 copies at night and 65,000 copies in evening production.

The UTR’s ability to convey two newspaper copies in a single clamp halves the speed of up to 70,000 copies per hour through the chain, enabling the HPS High Performance Stackers to receive and deliver them reliably. V Srinivas, General Manager Production & Materials at The Printers (Mysore), attests to the very low noise level and good quality of the bundles produced by Ferag technology.

Strong satisfaction with the installation
V Srinivas said after the commissioning of the new mailroom technology in June 2017 that he was “very happy with how the installation went”. Not interrupting daily production was a challenge, yet the Ferag technicians effected a problem-free transition from the old to the new technology. The General Manager mentioned strong satisfaction both on this front and with the support received while getting the new technology up and running and surmounting the obstacles involved. The print run was delivered punctually right on the first day following the technology changeover.



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