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„Gazeta Wyborcza” new member of Leading European Newspaper Alliance

„Gazeta Wyborcza” new member of Leading European Newspaper Alliance

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Warsaw, April 23rd, 2018 – The renowned Polish newspaper „Gazeta Wyborcza” has become a new member of the Leading European Newspaper Alliance – an initiative launched in order to improve journalistic standards, combine the skills of their editorial teams and promote quality journalism in Europe. Since the launch of LENA in 2015, „Gazeta Wyborcza” is the first media title to join the founding members, – 7 leading newspapers from 6 European countries.

In March 2015, the 7 leading European newspapers “DIE WELT” from Germany, “El País” from Spain, “La Repubblica” from Italy, “Le Figaro” from France, “Le Soir” from Belgium as well as “Tages-Anzeiger” and “Tribune de Genève” from Switzerland launched LENA, the Leading European Newspaper Alliance. Together, the LENA members reach close to 7 million readers in print and count almost 43 million unique users on their news sites.

Combined, over 2,500 journalists work in the editorial offices of the 7 LENA members and thanks to their close cooperation, they jointly create and publish important coverage stories. In addition, each newspaper provides selected articles to the other LENA members who are free to publish the most interesting ones for their readers. Among those texts are interviews, reports and opinion-forming articles, written by experts, scientists and public figures from various countries. Among each other, the LENA members also share new practices and solutions in the field of digitalization and technology.

Furthermore, LENA conducts special workshops twice a year to allow its members to exchange their knowledge and experience, for example regarding payment models for digital news content, measures against ad blockers or the implementation of video materials.

Since this April, the leading Polish newspaper „Gazeta Wyborcza” operates within the framework of LENA.

- I am very proud that „Gazeta Wyborcza” has joined LENA. The editorial team of „Gazeta Wyborcza” shares common values with the founders regarding the importance of quality journalism in the structuring of open and democratic societies. The invitation to join LENA is for us a great honor as the alliance carefully chooses partners who can help secure the highest competences in the field of technology as well as commercial and editorial sphere. As the leader in digital transformation in Poland, we hope that we will be able to contribute on the technological and digital front. We are also extremely happy that we will be able to enrich the quality of the content we offer to our readers with the editorial content from the most renown European newspapers – commented Jerzy Wójcik, the publisher of „Gazeta Wyborcza”.

Christoph Zimmer, Chair of the Group of Sole Representatives of LENA said: - As a leading voice of Central Europe, „Gazeta Wyborcza” will add another perspective to the network of the Leading European Newspaper Alliance LENA. We are more than happy to work with „Gazeta Wyborcza”, especially against the background of the discussions of Europe’s future in a changing world and the importance of press freedom in all European countries. -

- „Gazeta Wyborcza” is widely known for its strong commitment to quality journalism and the public interest, and for championing civic values. It is a privilege for LENA to welcome the newspaper to our alliance, where it will help us achieve the objective of consolidating a united European public opinion that can build a shared future of equality and prosperity for all citizens - commented Antonio Caño, editor in chief of “El Pais”.

- Our readers are interested in news from all over the world and particularly from Europe - they share European values and would like Poland to actively participate in the further construction of the European Union. They also appreciate quality journalism, seek for reliable information and opinions that heat up the public debate in Germany, France, Italy, Span, Belgium, United Kingdom and other European countries. There is also another reason for us joining LENA - we would like the world to get interested in Poland. These days, so full of the triumphant march of authoritarianism, populism, xenophobia and national egoisms, we want to show the world a better, democratic, liberal and European face of Poland. „Gazeta Wyborcza” grew out of the Promethean „Solidarity” movement, which peacefully led to the fall of communism and the construction of democracy. Today in Poland the principles of democracy are being broken again. We want to defend them as members of an association of leading European press titles that share universal democratic values – added Jarosław Kurski, first deputy editor in chief of „Gazeta Wyborcza”.

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The cooperation with European dailies within LENA framework is another way for „Gazeta Wyborcza” to broaden the sources of information and enhance technological competence of its team, as well as providing even more interesting content to the readers. In 2017, „Gazeta Wyborcza” established partnerships with several foreign media: the French-German Arte television, German RBB television, European news portal EURACTIV and Google company. „Gazeta Wyborcza” also started a collaboration with the prestigious 'The Wall Street Journal', enabling Polish readers to purchase access to the digital content of this American journal, and to read the most interesting articles from the ‘WSJ’ published in the Polish translation.

„Gazeta Wyborcza” was first published in spring 1989, only weeks before the first semi-free elections in Poland. As one of the leading newspapers in Poland and the largest Polish opinion daily, „Gazeta Wyborcza” covers national, international and general news, remaining an invaluable source of information for its readers and an important platform for public debate. It is well respected and awarded for its quality of journalism, innovative solutions and strong social commitment.

„Gazeta Wyborcza” is a daily of choice to readers who look for news, opinions, analyses and commentary, want to expand their knowledge and learn more about the world, look for attractive entertainment and practical advice. Currently „Gazeta Wyborcza's” paid circulation is about 124.6 thousand copies a day (the number of copies sold is derived from the National Circulation Audit Office [ZKDP]; January-November 2017).

„Gazeta Wyborcza” is also a leader in the process of digital transformation of press in Poland and was the first to introduce metered paywall and paid digital subscription. In December, 2017 the number of paid digital subscriptions of „Gazeta Wyborcza” reached 133 thousand.

Agora S.A. was established in 1989; since 1999, it has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Its major undertakings are: Helios S.A. – Poland’s largest cinema network operator, ranked in terms of number of facilities, and the owner of NEXT FILM – film production and distribution company, Gazeta Wyborcza – Poland’s most popular opinion-forming newspaper, available in paper and electronic form – at and, and via application for smartphones, tablets and e-readers, and AMS –Poland’s leading outdoor advertising company. Agora is also the publisher of magazines: Avanti, Logo and Cztery Kąty. Agora Group is the owner of three brands of local music radio stations: Radio Złote Przeboje, Radio Pogoda, Rock Radio, and Tuba.FM web radio, in addition to being the majority shareholder of cross-regional Radio TOK FM. Agora’s web portals are leaders in terms of popularity in their respective categories. Among the Company’s several dozen web-based brands there are portals such as, and, available on-line and via mobile applications. The Company is also engaged in book publishing. Agora is the co-owner of Stopklatka TV launched in collaboration with Kino Polska TV S.A.

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