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Improved planning, controlling and safety of your production – OneVision with new software generation 18.1

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Improved planning, controlling and safety of your production – OneVision with new software generation 18.1

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The new versions of the automation software solutions for prepress are all about improved production planning, controlling and safety. Potential bottlenecks can be identified early and avoided.

Regensburg, 05.04.2018 – Improved production planning. Simplified production controlling. Dashboards that provide an overview of your production at a glance. These help to identify bottlenecks at an early stage and to take countermeasures. These are the highlights of the new software generation that the German manufacturer OneVision will release in the upcoming weeks. Release 18.1 includes the workflow management software Workspace, the prepress suite Asura, the PDF editing software Solvero and the automated image enhancement software Amendo.

Reduction of artifacts in JPG files.

Workspace – Detect peaks, prevent bottlenecks and production downtime
Through the extended statistics section in the new version, detailed reports can now be viewed and created. In the new statistics you can not only recognize exactly how many jobs were processed by Workspace per day, week or month, but also how many jobs were handled by the individual assembly lines and modules, such as Preflight or Flatten Transparencies. In doing so production peaks and possible bottlenecks can be identified at an early stage and countermeasures taken. Workspace now automatically monitors free storage space for production-relevant directories, giving early active warnings to prevent production downtime.

In addition to Microsoft Office connectors, the new version adds Adobe connectors to Workspace Pro X that now also processes InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator files. Thanks to the new "Database Connections", Workspace can not only accept orders from third-party systems (web shop, MIS, order system, ...), but can also report back to them, e.g. on the order status ("file successfully processed" or "file rejected with error"). This enables the user to react quickly in the third-party system, recognize possible downtimes and counteract them.  

Amendo – highest quality even with low JPG quality
One of the highlights of the new Amendo version 18.1 is the reduction of artifacts in JPG files. Artifacts created when saving images with high JPG compression are reduced; the image quality is considerably improved. In addition, the scaling module has been extended by several options. These simplify and speed up further processing if all images received by newspapers or magazines must be stored in the database in the same format. Dimension and resolution are now adjusted automatically while the number of pixels is maintained. Amendo 18.1 is the world's first image enhancement software to process images in PDF 2.0 documents.

Asura – for more accurate and faster production planning
Printing with Pantone inks is quite cost-intensive. The "Record to CSV"" module automatically records and calculates the amount of ink required for a job file and enables the printer to determine how many ink needs to be purchased.
With PlugCOMMERCIAL-PRINTin it is now possible to extract spot colors from PDF files. Cut lines or white masks can be removed for printing and simultaneously, separate files only with spot colors can be created for further processing, e.g. by the cutter.

With respect to VDP (Variable Data Printing) several improvements in Asura 18.1 ensure very small file sizes even for files with several thousand pages. This again ensures a smooth and fast printing process.

With the new functions of the 18.1 generation, OneVision customers can design their production workflow flexibly. At the same time their production process is completely stable and safe. So they benefit from a degree of automation at the highest level.

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About OneVision Software AG
OneVision Software AG is an international provider of innovative and cost-efficient software solutions for the printing, publishing and media industries. In the past 25 years, the company has used its products to establish itself as the world market leader for prepress. Newspaper publishers worldwide work with products from OneVision and profit from the automation, the reliability and the resulting cost savings. In addition to steady optimization of the existing solutions, OneVision Software AG continuously invests in developing new products and target customer segments. The company's product portfolio ranges from software for prepress to tools for intelligent color management and image optimization to products for digital publishing.



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