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A plus for production reliability: Ferag technology handles bundling at Gramedia Printing

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A plus for production reliability: Ferag technology handles bundling at Gramedia Printing

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21.02.2018 – Ferag technology handles reliable bundling at Gramedia Printing in the Indonesian capital Jakarta to ensure on-time deliveries of Kompas, the country’s largest daily newspaper. Yet greater production reliability has resulted from the company switching to the PRA-Plus line control system.

Founded in 1972, Gramedia Printing is a strategic business unit of Kompas Gramedia Group which employs around 22,000 people across Indonesia. From its beginnings – a monthly magazine founded in 1963 and the daily newspaper Kompas, launched in 1965 – a wide-ranging media and printing business has grown over the past 50 years.

The first company-owned printing plant was built in 1971 in Jakarta’s Palmerah subdistrict: it produced the Kompas newspaper and assured morning deliveries under its own direct control. Kompas is meanwhile the country’s largest newspaper; Gramedia Printing has developed an extensive network of printers across Indonesia to cover 250 million inhabitants living on 17,500 islands. The network includes six Gramedia-owned newspaper printing plants in Jakarta, Medan (Sumatra), Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya and Denpasar on Bali. There are further production facilities for handling the Tribun regional newspapers.

Compatible with today’s networking technology
Gramedia installed Ferag technology in the Jakarta mailroom, where three TTR lines feed two RollPack stations each. The lines were all run by Ferag PRA-PC line control systems, but now that Ferag offers an upgrade to the current variant, Gramedia Printing decided to retrofit one of them with PRA-Plus.

The changeover from PRA-PC to PRA-Plus took place in the summer of 2016. Gramedia Printing is very satisfied with the result: Cahyanto Hadi, Research & Development Manager of the Gramedia Printing Group, points in particular to how compatible the new PRA version is with modern networking and communication technology. He also has broad praise for Ferag systems as being reliable and easy to set up and maintain. Gramedia aims to cover possible spare parts needs by drawing on the older, decommissioned line controller. Should replacements beyond that scope become necessary, Gramedia plans to upgrade all of its line control systems.



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2018-03-12 11:35

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