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INJECT – Future Journalism, Now

INJECT – Future Journalism, Now

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INJECT is developing an inspiration tool and training for journalists. WAN-IFRA’s Global Alliance for Media Innovation has joined the project to connect these new techniques to its network of media professionals that could benefit from it.

Looking for inspiration?

INJECT is a tool for journalists who want to diversify and broaden their reporting.

Supporting the creative process, it triggers new ideas for story angles more easily and quickly. Unlike search engines, INJECT gives insights, not links.

The inspiration tool (available in beta) makes it easier to find new story ideas and angles by offering various options to explore articles, visuals and data in a novel way.

In addition to the inspiration tool, the consortium is developing creative strategies for journalists in a broader sense. Journalists and Creativity in Professional Practice scholars are currently working together on a MOOC and workshop.


Inspiration for stories, instantly

Creatively explore news-related content to find new ideas for story angles.

INJECT leverages AI-based search algorithms that surface articles, individuals and visuals related to your story.

Search Strategies, Creative Sparks and Related Concepts quickly offer a variety of perspectives on the topic of interest.


Explore alternative angles, easily

Different Search Strategies surface different types of news-related content, including key players, cartoons and articles with facts and figures in them specifically.

Creative Sparks trigger new insights through questions and suggestions for possible angles.

Explaain fact cards quickly contextualise Related Concepts, so you can instantly work with less familiar concepts.


Creative Discovery

  • Explore articles, visuals and data in a novel way
  • Discover new angles in a matter of minutes
  • Find original sources for your article
  • Search strategies, Creative Sparks and Related Concepts trigger new ideas


Hand-picked sources

  • Explore 40 000 cartoons and 4.5 Million articles in 300+ news sources worldwide
  • Hand-picked sources to maximise reliability and relevance of the results
  • Integrate your news archives to make the most out of them
  • Rediscover sources you might not normally use


Work the way you Want

  • Search sources in multiple languages
  • Use INJECT while you're writing, without switching between screens
  • Continue your search in Google to dive deeper into a new story idea
  • Runs on GoogleDocs, WordPress, as a TinyMCE plugin, and as a responsive web application


For Journalists, with Journalists

  • Developed with journalists across Europe
  • Codified creative expertise in INJECT is based on interviews with experienced journalists
  • Different features to meet different types of journalismTraining tool for early-career journalists and journalism studentsFor more information


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