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The Backstory - A Media Freedom Podcast

The Backstory - A Media Freedom Podcast

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Welcome to The Backstory, a new podcast series from WAN-IFRA exploring media freedom issues from across the globe.

Each month we will be taking a look at a challenging issue that journalists and media organisations are faced with, exploring how they tackle - and surmount - the obstacles to continue reporting the news.

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S1E1: Dying to be a journalist

In the first episode of The Backstory, we start with the basics: the threats facing journalists worldwide. Too often, journalists put safety aside to “get” the story; editors don’t anticipate the problems that their reporters or their newsrooms can face. How can journalists be prepared? What should editors think about?



To explore the issue, WAN-IFRA Press Freedom Director, Andrew Heslop, speaks with:

  • Javier Garza, a journalist in Mexico and a global journalist security trainer
  • Elisabet Cantenys, Executive Director of the ACOS Alliance, a coalition of organisations working to develop worldwide protection standards for journalists.
  • Carol Beyanga, Chair of the Uganda Media Freedom Committee and Managing Editor for digital content at Daily Monitor Publications.

The production team includes Mariona Sanz, Colette Davidson and Sarah Elzas, who also edited and mixed the episode.

Music in this episode by Swelling and Lee Rosevere.


S1E2: Due March 1. Subscribe via iTunes or Stitcher




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Andrew Heslop


2018-01-31 11:51

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In countless countries, journalists, editors and publishers are physically attacked, imprisoned, censored, suspended or harassed for their work. WAN-IFRA is committed to defending freedom of expression by promoting a free and independent press around the world. Read more ...