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Diario de Navarra renews its pay-for interactive publication DN+ for Tablets thanks to Protecmedia’s technology

Diario de Navarra renews its pay-for interactive publication DN+ for Tablets thanks to Protecmedia’s technology

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The publication, which belongs to the Journaux du Midi Group, involves all of its journalists in contributing and enriching content for a new website that is more focused on its community’s interests

A year on from its launch and after a good reception, Diario de Navarra’s pay-for digital publication DN+ has a new design and user interface that makes access and browsing of this new daily product, which is available to readers from 10 p.m., even more attractive to its subscribers.

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Through Protecmedia’s app, the prestigious Navarre publication has also unified all of its digital publications into its own single newsstand. Subscriber can view all of the existing products, which increases their curiosity about publications which they may be unaware of, and can access the one which they have subscribed to, according to their type of contract. Among the nine digital publications offered by Diario de Navarra, it is worth mentioning their print edition in PDF format, together with those designed and conceived specifically for Tablets: the interactive digital newspaper DN+, the weekly DN+ Semanal and the special features publication, Especiales DN.

Diario de Navarra has taken advantage of these changes in order to make improvements based on readers’ suggestions, such as greater legibility of products, more structured and simpler menus and new vertical browsing options that favour the reading of lengthy reports.

The new design and preparation of the digital publication DN+ is fully integrated into the workflow of the MILENIUM application which is used by the newsroom

As regards the production and preparation of these publications, Diario de Navarra also obtains significant operational and economic advantages. Thanks to the flexibility and power of the MILENIUM editorial solution, which its newsroom was already using, design and editing have been fully integrated into its workflow. Both aspects had been outsourced, which led to rigidity as regards design and production costs, problems that have now been solved.

Another important advantage is the capacity to control the specific data analysis from its newsstand without depending on the stores, although logically the reader who so wishes may acquire individual publications directly from the online stores of Apple and Google.

As the slogan “live the information” makes clear, DN+’s new look and content amount to a big step forward in offering added value to loyal readers of the Diario de Navarra brand, one of the most solid among the Spanish regional press.

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