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Times of India Wins Top World Young Reader Prize

Times of India Wins Top World Young Reader Prize

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The Times of India has been awarded the 2006 World Young Reader Newspaper of the Year prize by the World Association of Newspapers. Newspapers from Spain, Panama and the United States took top honours in the other categories.

In addition to taking the top award, The Times of India was also awarded the World Young Reader Prize in the Newspapers in Education category, which honoured its effective use of the newspaper as a teaching tool.

 Newspapers from Spain, Panama and the United States took top honours in the other categories.

 El Correo of Spain won a World Young Reader Prize in the Public Service category for promoting citizen journalism among young readers.

 La Prensa of Panama won in the Brand category for a project that introduced the newspaper to the very young.

 The Virginian-Pilot was awarded a World Young Reader Prize in the Editorial category for a strategy that turned a print youth section into a cutting-edge multimedia component for the paper.

 Special Jury Commendations were awarded to Fairfax Newspapers in New Zealand for Newspapers in Education, Neue Osnabrucker Zeitung in Germany in the Editorial category, the Hindustan Times in India in the Public Service category and The Straits Times of Singapore in the Brand category.

 The young reader strategies of the winning newspapers and other best cases will be presented at the 7th World Young Reader Conference and Expo, to be held in Washington, D.C., from 25 to 28 March 2007. More information is available at .

 WAN awards the World Young Reader Prizes annually to the newspapers that devise the most innovative projects to develop young readership. This year's awards were sponsored by the Norwegian paper producer Norske Skog.

 The Times of India was named World Young Reader Newspaper of the Year for the re-launch of its student edition, which reaches more than 2,000 schools and achieved a 50 percent increase in circulation after the re-launch. The newspaper used extensive market research to determine what students wanted -- and then provided it to them.

 In making the award, WAN said: "This is more than a student newspaper. It is an excellent example of how a great project can be extended and enhanced in many interesting ways.'"

 The Times student edition is built around and alongside a range of extensions, including a student privileges programme and school reporter and star correspondent programmes. More than 4,000 young people participate in writing their own newspaper and receive many extra benefits in travel, leisure and recreation. The overall impact was to instil the regular newspaper reading habit among students.

 The Virgnian-Pilot won the Editorial category for 757, a youth section that has combined print, podcasts, online videos and a presence on to assure it is wherever its readers are, and that a youth editorial appears newspaper’s opinion page.

 El Correo took the Public Service category for Enlace, which opened the newspaper to citizen journalism among young people using new technologies. Enlace takes contributions from youngsters through a wide variety of media, and prints them on two facing pages every Sunday.

 La Prensa of Panama, a past winner of the World Young Reader Prize, was honoured this year in the Brand category for "No Clowning Matter," which used clowns and story-telling in a multimedia show to promote the newspaper among children as young ages six and seven. The show introduced La Prensa's main trademarks and content while fostering reading in a fun and joyful atmosphere.




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