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Press subsidies

Our report presents a general overview of the landscape in the EU concerning lowered value-added tax (VAT) rates, the most common form of indirect state subsidy available to the newspaper industry in the EU.

Read more about the report here, and download the full report below.


Right to be forgotten

WAN-IFRA's report on the topic looks into what was really decided in May 2014 and what are the potential implications. We hope that this report will contribute to a better-informed debate, and to a deeper investigation of the next steps.

The report analyses in detail the specificities of the judgment, and subsequently examines its extraterritorial implementation. A chapter is dedicated to the principles that traditionally enabled the extraterritorial enforceability of law, as well as their application in the EU Privacy Directive and in the CJEU ruling.

The conclusion proposes certain reflections on the aftermath of the decision, which could constitute the starting point of a process that brings the protection of privacy forward into the new millennium.

To read more higlights of the report, see here. Download the full report below.

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@WAN_Medialex speech in Bogota at Right to be Forgotten seminar

Elena Perotti's remarks at the seminar "Freedom of expression and the digital right to be forgotten", organised at the Universitad de los Andes in Bogotà, Colombia. 

Landmark decisions on global right to be forgotten expected around the world

Early next year decisions on the opportunity to proceed to global delinking following successful right to be forgotten claims will be taken around the world, from France to Canada to Brazil – which we covered here. Recent history shows that the news media will most likely suffer direct consequences.

The transformation of Right to be Forgotten into Right to Forget the News

In the last couple of months European courts have taken particularly troubling decisions on grounds of right to be forgotten, resulting in unprecedented constraints to the news media. Less than two months after the Belgian paper Le Soir’s case, Italian Supreme Court Corte di Cassazione adopted a ruling that was even more disturbing for its consequences on freedom of expression.

Global judicial developments on the right to be forgotten

Soon the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will enter into force and the right to be forgotten will be regulated by law. In the meantime national and regional Courts globally keep contributing to shape their version of the right to be forgotten.

Full topic coverage here.

Internet governance

The humorous side of internet governance: top 3 of funny net neutrality explainers

Net neutrality might seem like a complicated topic, but fortunately some of the best explainers on the issue are informative while putting a comic spin on it. We've put together our favourite comic explainers that should help anyone interested in the topic to get up to speed on the basics and what is potentially at stake, while providing a few laughs in the process.

UPDATE: FCC announces net neutrality rollback plan in the US

Basics of Free Basics

We've put together the key issues at stake relating to Facebook's Free Basics initiative, which aims to bring internet access to unconnected people but has also faced strong resistance.

Zero-rating the news: how will sponsored data initiatives impact access to news?

Free Basics and other zero-rating services are changing the way audiences in developing countries get online. In this guest post, Daniel O'Maley from CIMA outlines the main issues involved and potential implications for news media in the run-up to the Global Media Policy Forum, where these issues will be examined. 

Zero-rating the news: highlights from the Global Media Policy Forum

Zero-rating services such as Facebook's Free Basics aim to expand internet connectivity to areas where people have little if any opportunity to get online, and many include news content as part of the offering. This account provides some guidelines for news publishers on how to approach zero-rating services, as well as discussing their broader implications to the news media and information ecosystems.

Full topic coverage here.


EU copyright reform: “neighbouring rights” at the heart of the debate

The proposal for a EU copyright reform unveiled by the Commission last month could affect the newspaper industry in a big way, due to the introduction of related right for press publishers in relation to the digital use of their content (“neighbouring right” in the Directive’s language or also known as “ancillary right”). This would be an original right and separate from the authors’ one in the digitally published work.

UPDATE: Growing doubts whether EU's “publisher’s right” will pass

UPDATE: European publishers dismayed at the latest changes to the proposed EU copyright reform

UPDATE: Coalition of European civil society groups oppose the creation of “press publishers’ right”

UPDATE: “Publisher’s right” passes first hurdle in EU Parliament

Full topic coverage here.


European Commission's ePrivacy proposal puts forward tougher privacy rules for messaging services

The proposal would extend ePrivacy rules from telecom providers to online voice and messaging services.

UPDATE: European news publishers concerned over EU’s online privacy laws proposal

An alliance of more than 30 publishers have written to European regulators, arguing that the proposed new cookie rules would strengthen Google’s and Facebook’s dominance in the online advertising sphere.

Privacy Shield: "doomed" or "a very durable framework"?

Responses to last week's approval of the EU–US Privacy Shield agreement have varied greatly: while some regard it as hardly an improvement over Safe Harbour, others have called the deal as a step forward, especially as it ends the previously uncertain legal standing of data transfers from Europe to the US.

UPDATE: Trump’s presidential order may threaten Privacy Shield agreement

Full topic coverage here.

World Press Trends

The definitive guide to the global news media industry in numbers, trends and changes.

The World Press Trends 2017 report is available here.




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