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WAN-IFRA's Media Policy focus

WAN-IFRA's Media Policy focus

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WAN-IFRA recognises that the news publishing industry is experiencing transformation at an ever-growing pace, with new policy issues arising as the landscape changes. Much of this is related to digital publishing and the flow of information online.

Our aim is to foster knowledge-sharing that allows policy experts and publishers to come together to contribute their views on where the industry is headed, and to voice the opinion of news media across the various platforms where debate on regulation and policy take place. We focus on selected policy issues, this year in particular sees us tackling privacy/the ‘Right to be Forgotten’ and Internet governance, with the goal of monitoring and analysing the relevant developments through our website and associated events.

WAN-IFRA is uniquely placed to represent the newspaper industry in all global policy discussions thanks the authority derived from its global newspaper membership and the legacy of 70 years spent at the service of a free press. Learn more about our international network by visiting our member associations and affiliate members pages. WAN-IFRA also holds associate status to represent the newspaper industry at UNESCO, consultative status at the United Nations, the World Intellectual Property Organization, the Council of Europe and other major international bodies.


Internet governance discussions are shaping the digital publishing environment of the future, and newspapers need to be present where the talks take place. Net neutrality in particular has sparked heated debates throughout the world, from India to Latin America, to the US and most likely soon in Europe.

Privacy is an increasingly central topic in the post-Snowden world, and one of the central battle fields reaching both the worlds of common and civil law.

Copyright and intellectual property are at the top of the EU agenda, and are likely to hold a key position in the negotiations concerning the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) as well as in the trade agreement being discussed across the globe.


  • Regional forums, bringing a worldwide point of view on the discussed issues. Next plans include a privacy conversation around the effects of Safe Harbour and Privacy Shield for news publishers who work across the Atlantic in Vienna, April 2016.
  • Global Media Policy Forum, held alongside the WAN-IFRA Congress. This year’s event will be dedicated to the issue of zero rating and Facebook’s Free Basics in particular, with a view to bring into the discussion the news publishers views, and the implications for freedom of expression and of information.
  • Participating in the forums where policy debates on internet governance, privacy and copyright take place. Our plans include in particular for 2016 the European Dialogue for Internet Governance, the Internet Governance Forum, the World Intellectual Property Organization. (IGF, EuroDIG, FIFA, WIPO...)
  • Regularly updated website with views from a network of experts.
  • Monthly newsletter aimed at monitoring and sharing the latest policy updates.
  • Publication of reports: next up “Right to be Forgotten”
  • Monitoring of the state of the industry with World Press Trends, the unique database on the newspaper industry statistics across the world:


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WAN-IFRA follows the developments relating to a variety of policy issues affecting the news media industry today. Read more ...