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The CoLiner Pre-Gathering Unit Absorbs Increases in Insert Volumes Optimally

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The CoLiner Pre-Gathering Unit Absorbs Increases in Insert Volumes Optimally

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17.12.2015 – Thanks to their modular design, Muller Martini systems can be adapted to new market requirements at any time. A typical example is the CoLiner pre-gathering unit, which can be seamlessly docked onto the ProLiner newspaper inserting system if insert volumes increase.

The CoLiner is the optimal solution for newspaper producers with fluctuating insert volumes.

“The number of inserts has risen in advertisement papers in particular in recent years,” says Dr. Klemens Berktold, Managing Director of Funke Druck GmbH, which runs four printing centers in the German cities of Essen, Hagen, Braunschweig and Erfurt. In the eastern German city of Erfurt alone, Funke Druck produces not only four daily newspapers with 31 different zoned editions and a total circulation of 360,000 copies, but also two advertisement papers with a weekly circulation of 2.26 million copies, both for its own business and for external customers. In order to handle increases in insert volumes for all those titles, Funke Druck is now expanding its two ProLiner newspaper inserting systems in Erfurt, which have twelve feeders each, with two CoLiners each with now ten further feeders. In addition, the two ProLiners installed in 2007 and 2009 will be upgraded and extended by six TABA F top sheet feeders.

The two pre-gathering units will be commissioned at the end of 2015. “As a result, our automated inserting capacity will increase and the costly manual inserting of inserts will decrease in the new year,” emphasizes Dr. Klemens Berktold.With the flexible extension option of docking the CoLiner onto the ProLiner, newspaper producers can further increase the insert volume handled by the ProLiner, without having to create considerable extra space for the pre-gathering unit in the mailroom. With the CoLiner, newspaper producers are optimally equipped for fluctuating insert volumes. Like the ProLiner, the CoLiner can be progressively extended. If the insert volume decreases, the CoLiner can be switched off to save valuable energy.



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