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WAN-IFRA Self-Check: Free online quality checking service

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WAN-IFRA Self-Check: Free online quality checking service

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Are you uncertain about whether the color quality in your newspaper is in line with the international ISO standard for high quality? Would you like to ensure that your printing quality satisfies the requirements of the International Newspaper Color Quality Club? Do you want to convince advertising and printing customers of your high standard of printing quality?

We are pleased to offer you the free Self-Check service. This permits you to check free of charge and at any time whether the printed newspaper satisfies the ISO criteria.

Self-Check for checking colour quality

The Self-Check is a free-of-charge online service that helps you to evaluate your color printing quality. You print the IFRA Cuboid target, measure your print samples with a spectrophotometer and enter your figures in an online form on the web site. Based on your spectral data, we calculate in an automated process whether (i.a.) the paper values, colour space and dot gain are in line with ISO specifications. You receive the calculated results shortly afterwards as a PDF report sent to your email address. Please note that the results are wholly dependent on your measuring instruments, measuring conditions and measuring precision. Accordingly, we cannot afford a guarantee for the results in the report.


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2015-10-15 18:41

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2010-10-03 22:19

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