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Join the World Printers Forum

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Join the World Printers Forum to influence and support the future development of newspaper production technology, organisation and business. Membership is free.

Please use this link to become a member of the World Printers Forum free of charge.

Membership is individual. Everyone who is employed by a WAN-IFRA member company or organisation can register online and free of charge as a member of the World Printers Forum. Membership is open to WAN-IFRA members who are interested in the future development of newspaper production technology, organisation and business and who want to influence this development.

Members can propose working items and candidates for the the Board of the World Printers Forum. They can participate in working groups of the World Printers Forum.

Members meet once a year at the “World Printers Forum Conference”, which is organised in conjunction with the World Publishing Expo. The Conference receives the report of the board and discusses the state of the international newspaper print business as well as new projects and working items.


The World Printers Forum organises the following activities:

  • Exchange: Experts discussions and exchange on production related topics on the WAN-IFRA Website (news and interactive curated blog)
  • Working groups: 
Working groups on topics of interest and relevance (e.g. digital newspaper printing), that work for a defined period of time on a specified target
  • Partners: 
Development of a partner program with other print and production related organisations on national and international level
  • Reports: 
Development and publication of production related research, reports and guides (three per year), recommendation of topics, interesting case studies, interview partners, contacts in the industry
  • Standardisation
: Steering the production related standardisation work of WAN-IFRA: Newspaper printing standards, ISO 12647-3, standard newspaper ICC profiles, prepress and data standards
  • Acceptance Testing
: Maintaining and developing WAN-IFRA acceptance test standards: CTP, press, stitching and mailroom
  • Certification
: Maintaining and developing WAN-IFRA certification standards: Certification for standardised printing, QUIZ certification ("Qualität und Innovation im Zeitungsdruck" with ZMG in Germany), Research and Material Testing Centre (RMTC in India)
  • Awards
: Production and print related awards (International Newspaper Color Quality Club, Asian Media Awards Best in Print): Conceptual input, program and procedural recommendations, awarding events
  • Benchmarking
: Evaluation and development of production efficiency benchmarking
  • Advisory
: Advise and consulting on production questions
  • Events
: Production related events and workshops: Program and speakers recommendation, including the World Printers Forum Conference
  • Training
: Production related training programs: Program and trainers recommendation

Other activities will be developed and shall be discussed and decided by the World Printers Forum and its Board.


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The World Printers Forum (WPF) is an organisation of newspaper printers and suppliers within WAN-IFRA. It promotes the power of print and the sustainability of print production. Read more ...