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Holland Media Combinatie first to launch a tablet optimized newspaper in the Netherlands using the Twipe NextGen Solution

Holland Media Combinatie first to launch a tablet optimized newspaper in the Netherlands using the Twipe NextGen Solution

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Leuven, January 28, 2014 - Holland Media Combinatie (HMC), one of the largest publishers of regional newspapers in the Netherlands and part of the ‘Telegraaf Media Groep’ (TMG), launched today its NextGen Newspaper apps for its 6 newspaper titles and its 17 regional editions. For this launch HMC has chosen to implement the "Politics & Business" NextGen Template Family. HMC apps are the first that have been developed on the brand new Entreprise Edition of the Twipe NextGen Digital Publishing Solution.

New tablet version crucial for digital growth of Holland Media Combinatie
The regional dailies of HMC are the leading suppliers of regional news in North-Holland and parts of South-Holland and Flevoland. The dailies and news websites of HMC reach on average about 1.5 million consumers and a little less than 1 million households. HMC publishes its 17 regional editions under 6 different brands: Almere Vandaag, De Gooi- en Eemlander, IJmuider Courant, Noordhollands Dagblad, Haarlems Dagblad, Leidsch Dagblad.

"For us, this new tablet edition is a very important step in securing our digital future. We really wanted to take a big leap forward in our tablet publishing strategy. Until now we have given our subscribers access to the ePaper version of our newspaper on mobile devices and through a web browser. Readers research has shown that this approach has reached its limitations: the ePaper edition is not so easy to read and navigate. That's why we are launching this tablet edition now," says Jeroen Meersma, responsible for Strategy and Marketing at HMC. “This new tablet edition should be a key accelerator for the growth of the digital reader base of our newspapers, and we are very proud to be the first in The Netherlands to launch our newspapers optimized for tablet reading”.

"The look and feel of our new tablet edition is very strongly inspired by our print edition. The tablet edition also contains the same content. However, the layout of the articles and templates is entirely optimized for tablet devices: it is very visual and allows to integrate extra audiovisual content very easily. The navigation is very intuitive and smooth," explains Danny Aloserij, Digital Manager at HMC.

NextGen Entreprise Edition allows to produce 17 digital newspaper at industrial efficiency
To prepare on an industrial scale and on a daily basis 17 different digital newspapers across 6 different brands, Twipe has introduced the "Multi-Brand, Multi-Edition" Entreprise Edition of its NextGen Digital Publishing Suite. "The Entreprise Edition adds an entirely new dimension to our Digital Publishing Solution. The Entreprise Edition allows Holland Media Combinatie to prepare the 17 newspapers from one central Digital Publishing Tool. The core functionalities such as sharing of common pages across publications, as well the Automatic Page Generation tool, generate significant cost savings for Holland Media Combinatie," explains Danny Lein, Founder and CEO of Twipe.



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