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Inject a whole new work dynamic into your projects – with our help!

Every year we work alongside our partners in the press, online, and on TV to achieve the continual transformations needed at the heart of these businesses.  As of this moment every one of the partners we have worked with has expressed their satisfaction at the quality of our work – and all because our solutions are unique, industry tried-and-tested, and genuinely made-to-measure.


#1 – What are the areas we excel in?

The newsroom (print, web and TV), editorial, digital, printed press, workflow, systems, sales, marketing and even IT.


#2 – How do we tailor our approach?


At the start of each project we take the time to listen to you in a series of interviews that help bring a new dimension to your thinking.  As well as helping analyse your unique situation we bring our experience of relevant projects elsewhere.   From there on you benefit from personalised coaching in terms of objectives, pace and time of transition, and different ways and means of learning.  Above all we help you identify the alternative scenarios to ensure the success of your project and its various goals.


Quality Process WAN-IFRA AcademyQuality Process WAN-IFRA Academy


“The immediate understanding of our needs, the precise response to our specifications, the reactivity, the advice and the support throughout the entirety of our projects; those are the reasons why I appreciate our experience with WAN-IFRA.”

Frédérique Anne, Head of Human Resources, Groupe les Journaux du Midi


#3 – What type of missions do we undertake?

  • 20% of projects involve coaching project leaders.
  • 70% is the coaching and training of teams to introduce better skills and work practices.
  • 10% of projects are consulting and performance auditing.


In each case we are at your side to accelerate change by introducing a new dynamic and developing skills amongst your collaborators.  These are just some of the things that we do;


  • Accelerate change in newsrooms by putting in place the tools to integrate print/web, print/mobile, print/App/web, TV/App/web.
  • Integrating social networks and the newsroom, but also for marketing, sales, and to help teach teams to mix and match their skills.
  • Boosting audience engagement across multiple platforms and changing the mentality of editorial teams.
  • Putting in place new tools and systems of production.
  • Developing the digital skill sets of your teams.
  • Putting in place the paywall that best matches your goals and helping develop the thinking on the subject of added value content.


>> We can help at many different levels and many different  points in your projects to give them the boost they need to ensure success.


Individual coaching


Helping individuals assume new roles, helping instigate new projects, helping understand what is at stake when it comes to new subject areas and technologies.

Team coaching


Putting in place new organisation/structure

Launching new products and services

Understanding what is at stake and the initiatives to take

Project coaching


Identifying the bottlenecks, the brakes, and the accelerators.  Defining the key steps.  Engaging the stakeholders.

Embedded coaching


The best way of shaping new work practices.  Our experts work within the newsroom to help demonstrate new practices and ease concerns during real work flow.  Develop the real-world techniques your project needs in place with your tools and your colleagues to get the most from your organisation.



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